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Bhutan – The happiest place on Earth – One Life

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  • derek lambert 2 weeks ago

    India will Swallowed Bhutan Pretty soon

  • knital 2 weeks ago

    Tree's cause methane 10x worse than carbon

  • John Possas 2 weeks ago

    Its nice to see a king looking after his people, unlike western leaders who screw their people, god bless bhutan

  • amit nagpal 2 weeks ago

    Imagine the pressure of being happy…. are you happy yet?…..not really….. how about now?

  • earlysda 2 weeks ago

    Silly foreigners believe what dictator government officials tell them.
    Ask the persecuted Bhutanese Christians if they're happy.
    And while you're at it, ask the many young Bhutanese who wish to leave their country for India and elsewhere to get ahead in life.

  • Vaibhav Kumar Bhatnagar 2 weeks ago

    The most disgrace part of Bhutan is penis all over the country. Rest it's beautiful

  • Rahul Hoque 2 weeks ago

    nice videos

  • scott hitt 2 weeks ago

    Hopefully they'll never allow Christianity in to destroy their culture.

  • rebecca gray 2 weeks ago

    Most people are poor. Divorce rate is very high. A government that tells you what clothes to wear and sent thousands of native born non Buddhist Bhutanese away. Not happy or nice or fair.

  • Perfectsound 2 weeks ago

    No Mozlems.Then obviously it will be peaceful.Like if you agree.

  • Ashen Wicky 2 weeks ago

    Love from Sri Lanka.

  • Dd Dd 2 weeks ago

    India has looted me by INR 200 crores, most crooked country in the entire World
    Your Modi has washed my clothes and not replying to my emails and not paying my money
    I have 100% proof of last 65 years
    All the Criminals live in Hell in India

  • Avinash Sharma 2 weeks ago

    Bhutan, you must beware of these white people ….In name of documentary and cheap publicity to your beautiful nest , they will come in name of tourism and fuck your culture and women and natural beauty…like they did in all comparatively poor countries like Thailand Malaysia Cambodia etc…bcoz they always have arrogance of money they have…and you will not able to protect yourself from them ….bcoz they have all the so called Rules.

  • Michael Ahn 2 weeks ago

    Hell is closer to Bhutan style happiness…
    People are brainwashed to say They are happy without anything, like simple warm water to wash the new born baby..
    You got hit by a venomous snake but there is no trasportation to hospital if any around.

  • Aurav Walden 2 weeks ago

    Her conclusion that the Bhutanese people have plenty of reasons to be happy is only half the story. The truth is that they make half those reasons. Everyone in the world can find as many reasons to be happy as the Bhutanese; all of the reasons are not just handed over to one regardless of one's attitude towards life; one has to decide to be happy and recognise reasons for being happy in one's life.