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It’s our travel day to orlando and back to our home walt disney world

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Kalle Engstrom:- im coming home

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Today is the day we travel back home to walt disney world, as we say goodbye to our room and head through to security it finally starts to hit us that we are actually going to orlando florida.

We get some other bits and bobs for our trip in departures and then head over to Jamie Italian for some breakfast. As we said in our last episode with staying in the Bloc hotel you get a voucher book that has deals in certain shops and restaurants, so we found that you get either free prosecco or orange juice and of course we took the free prosecco. We both ordered eggs Benedict as its our favourite breakfast.

After food we head over to our gate and start to board our flights to orlando, we did not get window seats but instead got extra leg room which we prefer. As you can see from our faces we were so excited as we are flying to disney world. After take off we both get ready to watch movies and relax on our 9 hour flight Dave is happy with the movies selection.

Time flies by and we are about to land in orlando florida or as we call it home. We get through immigration and pick up our luggage but we take our luggage on the monorail as its quicker and easier after last years fiasco. We jump in a cab and head over to our resort for the next 3 weeks. This trip we are staying in the Clarion inn Lake Buena Vista which we stayed previously in 2014.

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We get unpacked and we can only think of one thing hooters and one good reason we stayed Clarion inn again is because there is a nice cluster of restaurants near our resort so it was only a short walk to hooters. We decided to get boneless wings, curly fires and buffalo shrimp which was so good.

After food we decided to walk over to disney springs to see the change after we last saw it in 2015 and we can not believe how much it has changed and its just amazing.


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“To all who come to this happy place….. Welcome” – Walt Disney

Hey there! We are Stephie & Dave from the UK and we love the sunshine state that is Florida. We loved it so much that from 2008 till 2009 we worked at “The Happiest Place on Earth” that is Walt Disney World ( That is how we met….awwwww……Barf LOL )

Since working for WDW we’ve had many trips to Florida, connected to so many people from around the world and what better way to create our channel for you to follow and share our Disney/non-Disney adventures together!

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  • Katy Tindle 1 year ago

    My fave thing about this video is the way Dave looks at Steph when she’s excited, you two are fabulous ❤️❤️

  • Jasmine 1 year ago

    What camera were you using?

  • Laura Mapley 1 year ago

    Love your videos guys!! I love florida and go every year and have finally decided to vlog our next trip which is in 7weeks so so so excited you and timtracker are my favourite vloggers and I watch both ur channels everyday 🙂

  • Chloe Brooker 1 year ago

    Hey What song is playing when you walk in Disney springs please xx

  • Julie Hill 1 year ago

    I love it when you guys say your going home! I completely know the feeling. By the way I act the same way when my family is going to Disney like a happy giddy school girl! 😊✈️🏰

  • Lisa Kelly 1 year ago

    hey guys, which hotel did you stay in?

  • Rob Turner 1 year ago

    Commented on one of your more recent videos saying I was going to Florida this autumn and that i'd say hi if I saw you at HHN. Been to Florida a load of times but never in September/October before so figured it would make sense to watch these vlogs you did to see what to expect! Enjoying them so far, good work guys!

  • Ben Gilson 1 year ago

    The second one

  • Ben Gilson 1 year ago

    I went in April 2017 in the clarion inn and went for 2weeks but were sick all over the place

  • Carol Martin 1 year ago

    this was the first hotel I stayed at in2010 brilliant hotel xx

  • holly mccullough 1 year ago

    I have been to WDW and I am going again

  • Antonia xx 1 year ago

    I've been planning a trip to go here with my family but it's SO expensive
    But I'm still gonna plan it😊

  • Lauren Macauley 1 year ago

    I'm binge watching these in between going to work and im loving these soooooo much!! My boyfriend is going to WDW in august and I am so jealous of him!! I'm just hoping that one day I will get to go 💕💕

  • Renate cannons 1 year ago

    that is the exact same room number we stayed in 2003! love the clarion it's so close to everything. Also being able to walk to IHOP is a huge plus! love the refurb

  • Charlie Finnin 1 year ago

    Might sound odd but I love what your wearing here Steph ! Looking for something similar for when we fly to Orlando … do you know where its from? 🙂

  • Lisa O 1 year ago

    I love your nail polish.

  • Dizney Dream 1 year ago

    Silhouette Dave silhouette Dave haha😂 I absolutely love your videos guys! I'm hoping to be able to visit Florida next year, your videos fill me with Disney happiness ☺️ Xx