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Quick visit to Cathedrale Sainte Marie de Bayonne on my way to the border town of Saint-Jean-pied-de-port from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Finding an Albergue and settling in. my thoughts on a day of travel and whether to take water or not on my camel bag the next day.

Gear List:


Poles / Sticks:
Water Filter:
Sleeping bag:

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  • J. Todd Watkins 1 year ago

    Okay. I have watched them all once. Now, 3 months later, I am drawn to watch again. I cannot thank you enough for making the effort to put all of this together.

  • Tim Flanagan 1 year ago

    I came back to this video after watching through day 8 of your adventure…not to ruin it for others, but they are fantastic….I walked the French Way in April/May of 2016 to Finistere…and in September of this year did the Portuguese (from Porto) and the Inglis….your videos, particularly the drone shots, help me fill in the gaps, from where my memory and my simple IPhone pictures are not adequate to remind me of the adventure that transpired…bravo…now please start planning your Portuguese and Inglis adventure!

  • Kellie Briggs 1 year ago

    Which accommodation did you stay in SJPP? And would you recommend it?

  • Sally Melzer 1 year ago

    I am going September next year so I,m loving your videos & your sense of humor .

  • Jeff Jones 1 year ago

    What bus did you catch the number ?

  • Angela Dawn 1 year ago

    For some reason, I missed this first one, and went back to it after "Day 30" – to paraphrase Gandalf The Grey, you are a changed Hobbit 😉 Awesome footage, thanks for sharing your adventure

  • albert porta 1 year ago

    muy bien Efrén, con ganas de visualizar tus próximos vídeos… ULTREIA!!!