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This is possibly the most beautiful place on Earth! You won’t believe how stunning the scenery is here in Yosemite – and this footage doesn’t even do it justice!

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I visited California with Trek America :
Our trip was the California Calling tour :


L.A :
Santa Barbara & Big Sur :
Yosemite :
San Francisco :

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  • Jennifer Cristoria 2 years ago

    I'm your new subbie from the Philippines! I am very much enjoyed watching your travel blog. 😊

  • HanaVentures 2 years ago

    Awesome vlog, Yosemite is by far one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! If you ever get a chance to see it in the winter too you should, its just as beautiful in the off season!

  • S Labaw 2 years ago

    First off.. I did love your video. Gave it a thumbs up. I thought your commentary was spontaneous and very fun. And the video quality was very clear. However, I found want to correct one fact. The sequoia roots do not grow one inch for every inch above ground or whatever the gentleman stared. Shockingly, the roots of sequoias only grow about 18 inches into the ground.

  • Kro ogy 2 years ago

    which month did you go for the waterfall?

  • Ghkjdf Hbjhffh 2 years ago

    she is english and she said gas station hahahah she became americanized not a bad thing just saying

  • Karen Upton 2 years ago

    Loved this vlog, it brought back a ton of memories for me. Hubby and I spent six months in Florida three years ago and we did lots of traveling. One of our adventures saw us hire a camper van for two weeks and we did all the Georgia state parks, we also hired a car and we drove to Yosemite where we stayed in a fabulous hotel. However, in all our travels we were not lucky enough to see a bear. We did see lots of other wild life but no elusive bear, so lucky lucky you. Roll on the next stop xxxx

  • MsEvaP1 2 years ago

    loved the video but loved the line, "don't forget to look with eyes and not just your camera because this is f#@king amazing!"

  • Cylie Myrus 2 years ago

    Was doing some research for my road trip to Yosemite and came across this video. i am smitten over ya.

  • It's Ella 2 years ago

    I'm going to Los Angeles this week and we're then driving to San Francisco and Yosemite and I'm so excited for Yosemite

  • Georgia Kirkland 2 years ago

    Really great video- such good footage! Just wondering what the song is at the beginning?x

  • Seung-woo Hong 2 years ago

    Hey! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this vlog! We also did a Yosemite video as we were doing a huge roadtrip around America in our campervan. It was so cool seeing this from another person's perspective! Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures! Just subbed!

  • Scampergirl 2 years ago

    "I think he's looking at us!"….yes, he is.  It's lunchtime.

  • gypsysoulx99 2 years ago

    I love your video !! I just came back from Yosemite today and I hope you had a great time !

  • Giulia Malano 2 years ago

    Beautiful video as always, I would like to visit America as you're doing! It's fantastic that you saw a bear and all the landscape are wonderful!:)

  • April Todd 2 years ago

    I really enjoyed this! Possibly my favourite part was you saying don't forget to look with your eyes instead of the camera! As bloggers the pressure to document your amazing time can be so overwhelming that it takes away part of the experience. I'll remember your words next time i'm away, and worry less about getting that perfect insta shot x

  • LJ Popsey 2 years ago

    This was a really good Vlog! You look so stylist camping! Xxx

  • MINDBODYSOUL 2 years ago

    Who knew the day would come that I would be viewing vlog footage of places I've never visited by a young lady visiting from Europe. Yosemite is so GORGEOUS…you brought back so many memories. I got very emotional with the bear footage.
    BTW,if you found the time, find a DOLLOR TREE STORE to visit. Everything in the store is $1.00. Thank you again for such a fun ride. I love you for this trip. 💛