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I went to Morocco for 5 days. Fast forward to the end if you want to see my opinion on whether girls can travel Morocco alone.

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  • Toni Dani 11 months ago

    yes its ok and safe. but just respect morocco is muslim country don't wear like a nude clothes . good luck

  • Lord Frieza 11 months ago

    see my fear of going to another country is not being able to tell the cooks about my food allergies.

  • MarocaineaVancouver 11 months ago

    I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, and believe me, I'm afraid of going downtown after 6 pm. However, in Montreal, Quebec, I never feared spending the night out with friends. Comparing entire countries to cities is just wrong, in my opinion.

  • wilson alonso giraldo quitian 11 months ago

    well I have been 3 times in Morocco
    2008 21 days
    2016 9days
    2017 7 days
    from Merzouga to Nador..I can say Morocco in wonderful…last time I lived with a family I went to the wedding..and someonde died I went as well..Morocco the only problem is the ovey ypu to drink tea and to eat…lol…I gonna get married!

  • abdel karim 11 months ago

    The women in the minute was trying to say that she is going to sleep in here son's house " 'And Ibni"
    'and = means in this context where
    Ibni= means my son

    Thanks for sharing your amazing experience

  • Saloua LaGtan 11 months ago

    No She Can't

  • Hanna Life 11 months ago

    Amazing and so fabulous : Thanks for your share 🙂

  • i like that video. But the woman in 18:45 said that your could stay with her and her son at home

  • Nabster 11 months ago

    Damn your perspective shows the place like shit xD i'm glad i've been there before watching your vlog, thank you for sharing though <3

  • Any recommendations on hostels in Marrakech and Fes

  • Usy Backpacker 11 months ago

    The awkward moment snails pop out the boiling pan haha. Great Video Phia

  • moroccan trijam 11 months ago

    your just showing bad cities go to tangier its the most bieutiful city in morocco and north africa

  • حر مغربي.حر 11 months ago

    my Morocco beautiful with the poeple , but sorry it's not good to visit wy??
    for time being they are peaceful protests in rif north Morocco asking for better leaving, University, cancer hospital, jobs…
    the gouvernement decide to oppress the protests with violence snatch the leaders torture theme between them one girl 22 years old , jail them without giving them right for lowers , break to poeple house without notice ,
    the gouvernement of Morocco corrupt regime they own big companies,hotels gaz energy, mine gold, bronz so u as tourist when u visit Morocco most facilities belong to thus Moroccan billionaire , yr money goes to there pokects that make them so rich, and the poor go jail if they protest
    no democracy , all judges corrupt

  • FreeYourMind 11 months ago

    It would be great to see a video of Moroccan Girls travel alone to Manchester..

  • miloud Benjebran 11 months ago


  • Fırat Mehmet İtkü 11 months ago

    Thank u Phia.Nice video

  • Ibn Tachefine Rabouz 11 months ago

    100% true. I agree with you when you said you can't go to Medina alone mainly in Fes.

  • Maria S 11 months ago

    Twa7chtek morocco 😭😭😭

  • Hero 4Ever 11 months ago

    Excuse me, but you showed just the bad things about Morocco, which is found in all countries of the world. 😉 Morocco is more beautiful than that Morocco contains the most popular tourist city in the world "Marrakesh"

  • Shehryar Saeed 11 months ago

    its look like Pakistan

  • Salah Oumnas 11 months ago

    next time welcom to desert i want be your guide

  • Tariq Hameed 11 months ago

    love you baby

  • sami mohamed 11 months ago

    which camera or phone u filmed this vlog ?

  • i'm moroccan, and i find this cringey.

  • Hicham Banani 11 months ago

    Welcome to Morocco 😊❤🌷🌹

  • victormen19 11 months ago

    hello , the video was perfect : it was showing your realistic way of showing things. exemple: the shit at the beginning of the video 🙂 it was so critical HH …i liked the payasages that you showed about my country , also the relevant choice of the music , it was wonderful .so, welcome everytime to your second country, i m sure that- with time -you will beleive that morocco is like a music that needs time to be felt, and you will like it .
    my country is safe and freindly i m sure , and sorry if boys disturb you kindly from time to time 🙂 you are cute , and moroccan people like beauty and nature 🙂 🙂 🙂 -sorry for my english if there is some mistakes- i never got an english lesson at school , only music and some weed 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Happy huWhite Man 11 months ago

    Another stupid, naive white bitch

  • Ursula Martins 11 months ago

    I went once with my male and female cousins. Not safe to be walking or wondering around ALONE. The men like to approach and sometimes touch.

  • I'm planning to go this year and would like recommendation for riad/hostel

  • Where did you stay???