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Canon Powershot SX50 – Full Zoom tests 24-1200 mm – Great Travel Camera, by that I mean you dont have one bag dedicated to gear this little cam will do everything most of us will ever need. 12 megs enough when you add raw as well as jpeg and a hot shoe for an external flash .. for most of us this is enough ,, this is just a brief look at the camera and what is can do .. there will be more to come ..really is an incredible little camera

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  • laila parsa 1 year ago

    camera nam and

  • laila parsa 1 year ago

    plz this cr

  • Paul Blankenship 1 year ago

    Compare to my new video titled
    Olympus SP-100EE in Belize using 50x optical and 200x total

  • william112004 1 year ago

    great commentary i love it

  • hans bronsvoort 1 year ago

    nice shot nice video.

  • NCRN5555 1 year ago

    I think I am more jealous of the fact you went to Belize…..  Still can't believe the moon shot.  

  • Andrew Fitzgerald 1 year ago

    I Think You' would agree that the camera user experience is nice, It really screams at you to take pictures, or video and zoom in…I am having lots of fun…I am hoping the aperture setting can drop low enough to do a good astronomical stars at night shot…a lovely milky way shot would be my ambition with this little beauty…I have published some video taken with this camera on my channel…

  • DrMucker 1 year ago

    you will find the shutter button has two positions one half way down that focuses and then the rest of the way down to actually take the picture .. works just great once you learn the way to do it .. half way down to focus then dont let up when the light box goes green its sharp and you can depress the way of way down to shoot .. plus green auto mode is not a great setting put it on P and it will work a lot better for you ..let me know if still have problems .new video of fireworks shot with ths

  • DrMucker 1 year ago

    one of the downsides to the 50 no external mic port sorry

  • DrMucker 1 year ago

    I did just that is this new version thanks check out the new one please