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The Budgeteers arrive in Manali, a beautiful town in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh. With plenty to do and see we have our best adventures of the series so far. However things don’t get off to the best start…

If you are new here we are showing what it’s like to backpack around India on a budget of $1000. We love to show the street food we eat, the best places to visit (travel guide), as well as ride first class trains everywhere haha 😉

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  • The Budgeteers 6 months ago

    Can you believe this is India? – Growing up we always thought India was just deserts, jungles, and packed cities. BUT, as you can see, India is hands down, one of the most beautiful countries in the world!!! – Things get off to a bad start, but please give it a chance, this episode is a special one. ENJOY!!!

  • Neeraj chauhan 6 months ago

    37:34 song name plz?

  • Ravindra Rajpurohit 6 months ago

    Which month view?? Can you please tell me

  • chaaaaaaaaaaaad 6 months ago

    I know manali is beautiful but your episodes are getting better. The music and the editing. It's like watching a movie without all the bulshit stuff. Your channel is going to be famous now. Subscribed before you stop replying to your followers.

  • Pranav Mendiratta 6 months ago

    Love from India💘

  • Kunal Jain 6 months ago

    Have u visited Leh-Ladakh in India
    Such an amazing place in north of india

  • Nikesh Kumar 6 months ago

    North Eastern part of India is gem in a millennium.. Visit thr if possible..

  • Gary P Karong 6 months ago

    Love you guys
    Wanna join with your team
    Please come to Manipur Northeast India

  • The Imperfect Couple 6 months ago

    India is very diverse & that's the reason we love our Country ♥️ we have desserts, mountains, coastal line, snow caps, forests and many more !! Not just that even the people, the religions, the languages and cultures everything is very very diverse, we all love our country and are proud to be Indians !! The more you get to Know our country, the more you love it ♥️ & oh yeah as Indians always say "athidi dhevo bhava" 🙏 (guest is equal to God) !!!!

  • Atul Mak 6 months ago

    Jus an AMAZZZZZZINNNGGGGGGGGGGG.Video Guyz… Made my day!:)

  • TECH no 6 months ago

    heart my comment and give my heart that Columbia girl 🤩🤩🤩🤩😁😁😂😂😁

  • Love your camera. It's amazing. Cheers

  • PAWAN DIWANIA 6 months ago

    You all 3 are Best….. Greetings From New Delhi….. 🙂

  • sit van 6 months ago

    Parachute scene 30:14 Background music name?

  • bharpur singh 6 months ago

    U guys made me love my country….

  • Tech Guitar Player 6 months ago

    Hey you people must visit andaman and nicobar islands or lakshadweep

  • Divyesh Parmar 6 months ago

    Guys you should go to Jammu Kashmir you will love the snow there and all the rides that you want to ride, but may be at the end of the day it would be same feeling with the local vendors so may be not spend the money there LOL! But yeah Kashmir is totally different feeling I am sure Himachal and Manali is nothing compared to Kashmir

  • bh sin 6 months ago

    I'm addicted to u guys …always waiting for your videos …THUMBSUP

  • Raj Singh Thakur 6 months ago

    Good job sir….I'm from Chandigarh, India

  • ABhishek UPadhyay 6 months ago

    They will go to Banaras too.
    The boat scene in the intro is a ganga ghat

  • GANPAT B 6 months ago

    Most Indians don’t realise the beauty

  • hari venkatesh 6 months ago

    Thank you for showcasing this side of india….found this video in recommended and seeing the length of the video I was a bit reluctant, but oh boy was I wrong. Was engaging and beautiful from start to finish!

  • ABhishek UPadhyay 6 months ago

    I am getting my first job in august . I will definitely donate some amount to your PayPal .
    Please continue to make series and i promise you will end on Netflix soon.

  • Raghav Vaidya 6 months ago

    Hey! Love from Himachal. Manali is like the busiest tourist destination in India that's one of the reasons for It is so expensive. You should have visited remote areas or so-called offbeat destinations of Himachal For eg. Kulga, Pulga, Barot, Kothi etc there are way too many places with much less crowd than Manali and way cheaper than Manali

  • Jhaby kooway 6 months ago

    Did you have threesome?

  • REV Automobiles 6 months ago

    Guys please come to Kerala, to Kannur

  • Saurabh Shukla 6 months ago

    I can't describe what my emotions were like throughout this video. But I did smile through all of it. Such a wonderful experience, and the background music just ahhhh. Thanks for these wonderful videos

  • Bikram Mudoi 6 months ago

    Waiting for the next episode ……..