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China Travel Tips 2016 Travel China Guizhou
Travel china
Living in China: Everyday Life #2
china travel
A few clips from my everyday life in China.
China travel
Sorry its been a while! more videos on the way!

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China Travel


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  • Jonathan Wellington 11 months ago

    Also, how big are insects in China_ This dragonfly seems to be double the size we have here in Greece!!!!

  • Jonathan Wellington 11 months ago

    There goes world peace… true story!

  • Snarky White Guy 11 months ago

    Oh I love those Chinese lanterns…and the Titanic lantern at 2:15 seemed cool until it splashed down.

  • Joshua Chow 11 months ago

    dreams, that was a good line

  • Allan Gamez 11 months ago

    Dude.. hahahaha great video, so funny, keep doing it!!

  • youn00ber 11 months ago

    My dreams also always crash in the lake.

    Fun vid keep it up bruh

  • RIP world peace

  • Tang BoWen 11 months ago

    You're back!!! Great news. I'm sure you have plenty to be getting on with, you know like your life, but more videos would be greatly appreciated. Much obliged!

  • internatioNATE 11 months ago

    Cool video, but I would not want to be your wife's pet if I were an animal!  And man, that guy putting that roof unit in at the beginning of the video—dude's nuts!  :p