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One of the classic Chilean snack food dishes worth trying when visiting Santiago is something called Chorrillana. This dish, which is worth sharing with a friend of two, is basically a mountain of french fries with sliced beef, fried egg and fried onion on top. We’ve now had it enough times to realize no two restaurants make it the same. We’ve seen fried egg versus scrambled egg, tenderloin versus sliced sausage and several different ways of preparing the onion. At the restaurant we filmed this video (Galindo) they prepared it with tenderloin, scrambled egg and caramelized onions. We’ve also heard of chorizo, tomatoes and even bananas being thrown on top of the fries! It’s the kind of dish, much like poutine in Canada, where you can play around with it to suit any kind of taste. Regardless, be sure to bring your appetite (and possibly a friend or two) because portions tend to be huge and we struggled to finish ours. You can pick one up in a typical Chilean restaurant or Chilean pub.

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Chorrillana: Typical Chilean Snack in Santiago, Chile Travel Video:

So it is time for a little afternoon snack in Santiago. Today we’re at a restaurant called Galindo and we’re going to be trying a dish that is called Chorrillana. And this is a lot like a Canadian poutine. Now if you’re not too familiar with Canadian poutine that is kind of like when you get some French Fries with gravy and cheese and other ingredients over top. So this is going to be similar but with a Chilean twist so we’re waiting for the food to arrive now.

Well as you can see the food has arrived and the funny part is this is listed as an appetizer or a starter for one person. If you have a look at that, that is enough to feed two grown people. I think Sam and I are going to struggle with this. It is our main. It is our main. Definitely.

Alright Sam, so it is time to give us the tour of the plate. Yes, so before I tuck into this tasty little treat I’m going to explain what we’ve got here. So we have tenderloin, onion and scrambled egg on top of those french fries. It is actually a little bit different from the first time we tried Chorrillana because they put a fried egg on top and also sausage. Yes. But this has a lot more meat. This is a very generous portion.

So dig right in hungry boy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yeah. Enjoying that meat? Oh, yeah. Wow, those are like really tasty onions. You can tell they’ve been marinated in something. I think they’re caramelized. Yeah, caramelized onions I think. And the french fries are a golden perfection. It is just going to be an awesome filling carb loaded delicious little treat.

So we’ve had this dish a few times since we’ve arrived in Santiago and no two Chorrillanas are the same. This one is different, I mean it has no sausage or hot dogs and that was our first experience trying Chorrillanas. And also this one has scrambled eggs instead of fried egg on top. So it is kind of nice that you can always find a bit of variety when you go to a different restaurant. And I think I am ready for my first bite. Got a little bit of everything in there.


Wow. That meat is tender isn’t it? It is tender. It is tenderloin, so it should be tender. It should be tender. Wow. That is nice. In a way it is kind of nice that they only have the beef and there is no sausage because like this is a really good cut of meat. It is very juicy so the flavors really come through. You don’t have too many competing tastes. Yeah, you don’t need a whole lot of ingredients with this dish. Not when it is done well.

Alright, but now it is time for the big question. Which do you prefer – Canadian poutine or Chilean Chorrillana?

Well, this is really good but you know what nothing compares to Canadian poutine. That is like in a league of its own. But this is really tasty. And if you want come and try it at this restaurant it is going to be just under 8000 Chilean Pesos which currently is about 10 US dollars. So it is not bad value. Bring a friend or two to help you out. That is my tip.

This is part of our Travel in Chile series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Chilean culture, Chilean arts, Chilean foods, Chilean religion, Chilean cuisine and Chilean people.

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  • Javier Soto 1 year ago

    chilenos sin identidad siempre robando todo

  • AVMOS1984 1 year ago

    Guerra del pacífico, por eso la comida se parecen en algunas cosas. Yo como sopaipiya y humitas en tacna y en chile tb lo comen.

  • young thug 1 year ago


  • Antonieta Gongora 1 year ago

    fome fome no se le entiende nada

  • el rata 1 year ago

    El plato que dicen los peruanos "bistec a la chorrillana" es distinto a la chorrillana de Chile. Solo es un alcance de nombres.

  • Daniel Marin 1 year ago

    chorrillana is actually a peruvian dish dating back to the early 1900's….. but then again chile a country with no identity decided to proclaim it as theirs just like they tried with pisco, ceviche, lomo saltado… amongst other things, guess we'll let them have this hehehehe

  • Shoo Ali 1 year ago

    ''Chorrillana Snack'' jhejejjejej

  • Luis Eduardo Zeballos Portocarrero 1 year ago

    Paolo Guerrero nació y fue críado en chorrillos peru., Bajo esa premisa es que Paolo debe ser chileno tbm

  • Warner Gil 1 year ago

    Los mapuches se copian, usurpan o se apropian de lo nuestro siempre. Ejemplos: El ají de gallina, el suspiro limeño, los picarones, el cebiche, la chirimoya, la papa, la causa limeña, la lucuma, la mazamorra morada, la quinua, la papa a la huancaina, el pisco, la leche de tigre, el lomo saltado, etc, etc, etc, todo el mundo sabe que son de origen PERUANO. Hay muchos reportajes de "chef" chilenos promocionando comidas peruanas como si fueran chilenas. Que verguenza da este país sureño que no tiene cultura ni mucho menos su propia identidad, en fin.

  • DIEGO 1 year ago


  • martin savedra 1 year ago

    la chorrillana. es de valparaiso chile alla fue inventada muchas comidas de chile son ricas e buenos inventos como tambien mote con huesillo o pastel de chocklo o torta de mil hojas etc. asta en eso. se ponen envidiosos. 😤😁

  • Diego Vega 1 year ago

    Bello guys you have to try the Pichanga Caliente from Punta Arenas…

  • persona normal 1 year ago

    Chorrillana is chilean , no peruvian

  • martin savedra 1 year ago

    estoy aca en otro pais cuando valla lo primero que comere una chorrillana tipoco. de chile

  • Chris Mad 1 year ago

    Fuck chorrillana is dog meat ….chileans piece of shit…..i almost die with this shit.

  • Kakashi 01 1 year ago

    Bienvenido/a a los comentarios… Aquí solo hay peruanos diciendo que la chorrillana es de ellos a si que no vale la pena ver tanta arena

  • Guillermo Hin 1 year ago

    le dicen "Chorrillana" porque tienen un lugar llamado Chorrillos o el que lo inventó se llamaba Chorrillos?, alguien que me explique por favor ☻☺☼

  • luis victor Bedoyamoreno 1 year ago

    Is Peruvian

  • Margarita Teresa Rosas Salazar 1 year ago

    Chorrillana!!! Is that a Chorrillana? Good I think we are confusing the people with the name, because that which prepares this gentleman has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the typical Peruvian dish called Chorrillana, which is usually made with fish, is a beach dish, from As Chorrillos is a beautiful district where my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, who were fishermen and were preparing the fish very well at Chorrillana, should not distort traditional and historical dishes and put any dish by putting eggs, fried potatoes, something that It is inexplicable to understand why they put that name, they simply picked it up, they craved it and they gave the name of my spa district without any contemplation, the truth would like to understand them but there is no way, more respect !! Do not use names that have history and belong to the culinary art of a nation.

  • Fernanda Meza 1 year ago

    No sean resentidos o rencorosos, no siempre tenemos la razón. Infórmese, lea, sea consciente de lo que habla/escribe. Por que si va hablando sin saber por la vida, lo único que hace es dejar mal a su país como a usted mismo. Viva Chile!, Perú y toda Latinoamérica!

  • Fernanda Meza 1 year ago

    No sean resentidos o rencorosos, no siempre tenemos la razón. Infórmese, lea, sea consciente de lo que habla/escribe. Por que si va hablando sin saber por la vida, lo único que hace es dejar mal a su país como a usted mismo. Viva Chile!, Perú y toda Latinoamérica!