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Third in a vlog series filmed in Cuba. 2016.

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  • Son Ero 11 months ago

    I really wanted to like your video but … a bit snobbish . Plus why not show the drinks a food at azucar instead of going off on …. what ???

  • Janine Dada 11 months ago

    Hi Sanasiino, Can you please tell me about your trip to Vinales? What was the cost of the riverboat ride through the cave and was it included in the bus to Vinales? Did you spend the night there or did you come back to Havana? Thanks!!

  • Ida Badjie 11 months ago

    why do you sisters like to do the half hijab wen you got to the west. Allah mentions hijab and not a head tie.. how can you convince people that ya religious wen today you preach and the next moment you're exposing all ya awrah? Pls you don't have to change bcs you're in the west. is good to be consistent and forget about wat people might think of you bcs you're in full hijab is a matter of pleasing Allah and not the creations. I meant no offense though

  • Ricardo Marcel 11 months ago

    I like your feautures. I will go to Cuba in a few days. Your information helps a lot!! Cheers!!

  • moe el tshadi 11 months ago

    what not to say to Arabs? that's fucked up why judge all Israel? Israel doesn't have anything against Arabs or Muslims. I know you Arabs are very arrogant and ignorant but it will be very wise to edit that part.

  • Brian Von der Heiden 11 months ago

    I was enjoying the blog until she made that comment "what not to say to Arabs". It reminded me of how "difficult and judgmental Arabs are.

  • Lourdes Cue 11 months ago

    I am almost positive that this guy is a probably a Doctor or a Lawyer and he is the owner of this this Restaurant with his family from USA or other country invest ,their money , because if is own by the Cuban Government , most of the case they do not care and the service is totally different .

  • The Organic Gangster 11 months ago

    Calabasa Calabasa cada unu para su casa

  • J Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Why call them "con men" ?

  • He Man 11 months ago

    I hate this Muslim girls

  • Nadia Haidee Haidee 11 months ago

    Everyone who comment about the young Cuban man outside the restaurant might as well be ignorant as well. You don't know whether he is being tought or exposed to this information, that OUTSIDERS might know a little more bc of MEDIA, RESOURCES,etc. just bc you are affected by his comment doesn't mean that he SHOULD have known about YOUR countries worries. Cubans have their own thing going on so open YOUR eyes before you cast judgement.

  • Patti Williams 11 months ago

    Nice video. But that was so rude of him to try and convince you to bare your hair Uhh

  • Donald Leske Sr. 11 months ago

    Arabic women are SO pretty, humm maybe that is why their men try to cover them up? :~) / The mayor of London is Muslim and I have heard of many problems with the Muslims there. I think people of Iran and other Arab states would be well off to look at their Muslim belief about killing all who do not belong.

  • tlsmoke23 11 months ago

    I never knew Yemen women was so beautiful. I'm here because Cuba is on my list. The worst place i found beggars is Harlem USA they now ask for $10 while wearing $150 sneakers.The least place is Costa R. Ive traveled many countries most of where i blend in. Never wearing a band looking touristy or traveling with a tour. They pick up on other things like my swag. There was once I was walking down city streets in CR this guy was walking other direction when i caught him staring. He said whats up brother. I replied why i have to be a brother. Long story short he was hustling offering info for change offered me his number if i needed anything in the future. Later he told me he was from the states. I asked him ,why i never ran into some one begging in CR. He replied they have pride and dignity There are people that do degrading things for money but they are workers. I only found people that offered thing like info,food or even a place to stay for nothing. Love that country. Thanks for sharing Cuba.