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This is an old travel clips we thought it is fantastic to share with you! I (Megan) have been thinking a lot about this trip these days and can’t believe the next time I go back to Uganda it will be with my baby. We had such an amazing trip and I only wish I captured more of it. Uganda is not celebrated for its beauty enough and I’m happy I can share with you some of my heritage.

(Duan) Welcome to Uganda, where my wife comes from! In such Tropical weather, you can expect everything from nature you can imagine in your mind! Experience the real wild life in a different dimension from the city life. It is so colourful and vivid.

So here we are. We went to this famous spot, Sempaya, Semiliki in Uganda, close to Fort Portal, the town we were staying in. Bamaga (ethnic minority ) perform annual rituals at the springs to appease their ancestors and the national park allows them access.To explore the local nature and even see Baboons!! Also during the exploration, we cooked!


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