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Our Copenhagen travel guide! What a captivating city, absolutely enchanting – I can see why everyone who visits Copenhagen falls in love with it. Great food, friendly people, and a fantastic public transport system makes Copenhagen an all around great city.

We have some great guests in our Copenhagen episode and be sure to stick around until the very end for a cheeky surprise (I really had no idea they did this until I saw the first cut!)

How we film our travel guides –

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  • Mad Dog 11 months ago

    You make me proud as a Dane and one who is living in Copenhagen, Please come visit, we take care off you 🙂

  • Silvan Reichenwallner 11 months ago

    The intro about the city lead to goosebumps and tearing eyes. Copenhagen definitely is the nicest city I’ve ever visited.

  • DrDewott 11 months ago

    Cool but let me as a local give you some more tips.
    For one regarding transportation it's gonna get a lot easier to get around Copenhagen soon. Next year a new Metro line called the M3 Citycircle is supposed to open which stops at many tourist attractions and transport hubs including the marble church, Højbro Plads right next to Christiansborg, The City hall square and the Central Station. (though a ticket on the metro will become 20% more expensive but that shouldn't be a problem for those with a citypass or a travel card)

    As for stuff like expenses most Danes don't really go out eating anyway so a tip from us would be to go to a 7eleven or basically any kind of Kiosk and you can get a beer for like 20-30 kr and just go enjoy it on the harbor front. That's what most of us locals do anyway (I don't drink myself but pretty much everyone else does it).

    (ps. Shameless plug but you see those juices on the left at 11:21. I actually worked on making advertisements for the company who made them. They were really nice guys, choosing quality over quantity)

    Also I know that there are many attractions outside the range of the city pass like the Bakken amusement park, Kronborg, Frederiksborg and Fredensborg castles, The Lousiana art gallery and such but one thing us Danes adore is a small, oldschool "Fairytale" town and luckily Copenhagen tourists wanting to see such a thing are in luck. Just a mile south of the airport lies the country town of Dragør. A nice town that has kept it's countryside, fairytale like charm despite being so close to the city. Would definitely recommend visiting it at some point while in Copenhagen. And don't worry about transportation. The 350S bus (soon 250S) goes down there every 10 minutes or so and you can travel down there on your citypass without any problems.

  • özgür altınkaynak 11 months ago

    Hello, as you said ''city pass'' has just 24 and 72 hours unlimited tickets but a week ago I asked a question Dot's facebook page I need 120 hours city pass and they said me, you can buy 120 hours city pass ticket on all ticket machines… On your video I did not see 120 hours city pass.

  • sensemille 11 months ago

    thanks for the great video! I do have a tip for your future videos; it would be great if you could add the prices in euro and dollars as an overlay when you edit the video or something.. it's pretty confusing for us to see that a ticket is 36 kroner and another 24 kroner.. it's the same concept as when someone speaks only in miles and doesn't add kilometers as well.. confusing 🙂

  • Mamipe37 MabesiMiannoPe 11 months ago

    I'm trill that you like copenhagen 😊 I don't like to Come there 😁😄 I find it stressfull – I'm Jylland the most beautiful part of Denmark🤗😉

  • You Cef 11 months ago

    Im from Copenhagen or København. Nice video

  • Thomas Bachmann 11 months ago

    As an alternative ticket, you can get a travel card. A small blue and white plastic card, that let's you check in when you start you travel, check-in whenever you change transportation, and only check out when you finish you travel.
    It will calculate your cost based on the distance, transportations types you used and the time the it took to get there.
    You will even get discount within 3 zones (Sealand, Funen and Jutland.), depending on how much you travel. For longer stays and with lots of travel within one zone, it could be an easier and cheaper alternative.
    You just have to get one ordered online at, at any DSB station or 7 Eleven at a train station.

  • Vic maD 11 months ago

    Want a real opinion on what Copenhagen is like? Not everything is as it seems.
    Copenhagen will run you broke! Finding a place to live is virtually impossible, and finding cheap things to eat is just as equally hard.

    What makes it so hard to find cheap food is the current fad in Copenhagen of having all these fancy and organic restaurants. Sometimes you just want a coffee without having to pay more than 3-4 euro for it. Housing, as I mentioned previously, is not only exorbitantly priced, but also extremely hard to come by. I have experienced this first hand and have seen many young adults simply fail at finding accommodation. This isn't due to a lack of money, but rather due to a lack of supply of available apartments. There is a huge black market for lettings and you will be scammed if you aren't careful.

    Prices aside, Copenhagen is boring! I'm sorry to all proud Danes who are reading this, but the truth of the matter is you will most likely be able to go to every pub in the city in less than 3 days (if you have the money). There is a very small assortment of tourist attractions, and be ready to be disappointed by the little mermaid. Unless you are literally shitting money you WILL NOT be able to dine out regularly. Forget about places such as Noma or Kiin Kiin, or any of the other high-end restaurants with the oh-so-modern nordic cuisine; you will not only struggle to get a table to begin with, but the prices are just ridiculous. IIRC the price per person starts around 2400DKK, which is around 300+ euros. How do you feel about spending more than 600euro on a dinner for two?

    Lastly, there is the issue with making friends. Danish people will not be interested in you, and you will not be friends with them. I lived in Denmark for 3 years and all of the friends I made were foreign. Danish people will most likely speak perfect English and converse with you freely – they will be friendly in many instances, but you will not become friends. From my experience, most Danes have a tight-knit friends group (of Danes) which they have known their entire life since primary school. There is a very true sense of segregation in Denmark, and while I was living there I liked to joke that there are three "classes" in Denmark. Danes (of course), Immigrants (mostly of Arabic descent), and "internationals". You will never see these groups mix.

    If I were to recommend a trip to Copenhagen (which in all honesty, I wouldn't) I would have to say go for a weekend, at most a week.

    If you are interested in living in Denmark, be ready to:
    – pay very high rent (I'm talking more expensive than Central London)
    – be treated like a second-class citizen
    – rant about it on the internet because everyone seems to have this idea that Denmark is perfect when really it fucking sucks.

  • william vammen 11 months ago

    this guy gives DSB waaaaaay too much praise

  • John Doe 11 months ago

    We fucking hate tourists on bicycles. They newer obey the traffic laws, nor signal/indicate where they are going and take up so much space on the road/bikinglanes.