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I spent january 27th through 29th in copenhagen, denmark! in the short time I was there, I absolutely fell in love with the city. I hope you guys enjoy watching my vlog – check out more blog posts and vlogs on – xx ell


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  • Adventure Trip 1 year ago

    heyyy superbe video + 1 abonné je t invite égalemen a t abonner a ma chaine

  • Zaphos 1 year ago

    Its pronounced JOI and the juice. Not joe.

  • Natalia Andrea 1 year ago


  • Natalia Andrea 1 year ago

    it sucks having to get on a bus when it's freezing outside!

  • Natalia Andrea 1 year ago

    lol! security is like in a lot of european airports!

  • Liliána Vida 1 year ago

    Can you send me the link of airbnb flat?

  • Quynh Nhu Tran 1 year ago

    I miss Copenhagen. It's so beautiful there and as a woman, I find most women there are attractive….

  • Kendall Hazleton 1 year ago

    what do you use to edit your videos? i'm in love with your travel vlogs!

  • UndercoverChick 1 year ago

    loved this vlog, very detailed and loved your edits 🙂

  • gabytrevisan 1 year ago

    Nice video! Could you tell me more details of the place you booked through Airbnb?

  • Natasha Simão 1 year ago

    the video was so well edited and recorded my favorite Copenhagen vlog (believe me I have seen many)

  • Trekker Fox 1 year ago

    great video , good work ! subscribe your channel

  • Chasen Pestana 1 year ago

    loved the vlog!!! it was so much fun watching.

  • Kate Bravo 1 year ago

    Nice video!! I love copenhagen

  • Jay Wade 1 year ago

    Love your edits; was done really well! That dessert at the end, can't believe I missed that when I was there!!

  • patricia hunnybun 1 year ago

    Little Ellyn all grown up! Enjoy your travels. I often think of all you kids always wishing you all the best.

  • WanderlusterNur 1 year ago

    Loved The whole video! Your channel looks lovely. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Jamie Banks 1 year ago

    Looks beautiful!

  • Give it up to live it up ! 1 year ago

    How cool ! Always wanted to go to Denmark ! take a look at our travels too !