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Hello my name is Jacob. I run a Youtube Channel documenting all of my travels around the world. It has been my dream to travel the world. I am planning to travel continuously through working holiday visas and working in different places while I travel to keep my budget topped up. I love what I am doing and I love creating these videos for you guys.

In this video I am crossing the border from China into Vietnam. The Journey was interesting with a massive change of scenery and driving.

The songs used in this video are;
Phillycheese – Big Bang
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Music Predators – Fuck The World
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Phillycheese – Lost in Ibiza
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I use a GoPro Hero 4 to record my Vlogs. I intend to upgrade me gear as I travel. Will Probably a DSLR camera when I arrive in Australia on my working holiday visa.

I use to be a mechanic and decided enough was enough, I’m not wasting my life doing something I semi enjoy when I could do something I love and admire!

So far I have been to Japan and South Korea, China and Hong Kong on this trip, currently I’m in Vietnam. After Vietnam I am travelling to, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indionesia. Thats the plan anyway. When the time comes and the money is no more it’s off to Australia on a working holiday visa.

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Hope you enjoy my videos. These Vlogs are uploaded daily or every other day. Rarely I have uploaded videos late which is usually due to internet or being stuck on a train.

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  • John Feng 9 months ago

    Han and Vietnamese intermarriage for thousand years (may be million years before civilization, we don't know that history since there is no writing stuff can be found). Chinese and Vietnamese are brothers or distant cousins in blood! King of the united Nanyue Zhao Tuo is a Han Chinese, he introduced Han agriculture technology to develop that area.
    King of Nanyue (predecessor of Vietnam, a part of China till 939AD, (Vietnamese: Nam Việt[1]) Zhao Tuo (a Han Chinese 240BC-137BC, Vietnamese: riệu Đà) administrated northern part of Vietnam.

  • John Feng 9 months ago

    Before Vietnam completely got independence in 939AD, Vietnamese and Han already have thousand years intermarriage history. Vietnamese use Chinese language before France colonized Vietnam, we have the same traditions and cultures. Vietnamese are our brothers or distant cousins in blood.

  • Adam Perks 9 months ago

    jacob can i ask some questions do you have an email i can contact you or email mine

  • jtpf87 9 months ago

    Man this is a decent vlog but to be honest you swear a bit too much, if you could tone it down I think you would get more views. Not trying to be a dick or anything, nice video bud, Garage duck Phuc made me laugh.

  • MrViMichael 9 months ago

    Wow you travel alone through asia? This is very brave