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The Way Away, The Endless Adventure, and The Traveling Clatt explore Havana Cuba on foot searching for Havana’s soul!

The Endless Adventure –
The Traveling Clatt –

The Way Away is Josh and Ashley Brown, husband and wife world travelers. Our mission is to bring the world closer by showing the uniqueness of our cultures and promoting unity around the world. Subscribe to our channel to watch our daily travel vlogs.

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  • dio gutz 1 week ago

    Dam Cuba is expensive. Here in Cali I can buy a 30 pack of domestic beer 4 under 20 bills. I can buy a 32 oz Miller for under 2 bills. A caguama 32 oz bottle not can in Mexico can cost me under 2 bucks. Did you know Cubans are the largest consumer of beans in the world and in the USA people call Mexican "beaners." lol

  • DeepHouseGuy 1 week ago

    wonderful blog guys, so informative. You have a subcriber!

  • Leon Jodedor 1 week ago

    thanx for visiting my Country..Cuba

  • Gus olive 1 week ago

    You should have stayed in Mexico!!

  • suvariboy 1 week ago

    I've been to Cuba five times and while it's not an "easy" place to visit, it's totally worth it. What you have to remember is that it's a communist country, the people don't make or have much money, and they look at us as though we're walking bank machines. You have to watch your check in restaurants (they'll add things to the bill, hoping you won't notice), you have to constantly haggle for prices of cabs, drinks, food and pretty much anything else that you want to buy, and you have to watch your belongings. I had my luggage stolen off the bus at the airport once. So when I got to my hotel it wasn't there and I never got it back. But this isn't unique to Cuba. These things happen in many tourist destinations in most countries. The people are beautiful and friendly (even when they're trying to rip you off), and the country is breathtakingly beautiful. If you haven't been I'd recommend it with one caveat: keep in mind that it's a communist country and that a 4 star hotel in Cuba would be a 1 star back home. You go to Cuba for the experience, not for the comfort.

  • TheChangospace 1 week ago

    Cuba doesn't look fun. I'm sorry…but Mexico is waaay better!

  • Billy Clark 1 week ago

    Great Video guys, I really enjoyed this one for its excellent production and refreshing honesty. I agree the place looks a bit dilapidated but you can see it was once, in its days a spectacular location. Also, I like to hear you grumbling a bit about having to watch your money, and having to haggle etc. That just puts you ( the vloggers) into a similar situation that most tourists like us would have to cope with. You say things are expensive for tourists but the drinks seemed to be cheaply priced at decent levels.  Was wondering as well if the Traveling Clatt dude has found himself a girlfriend ? shes nice. Any way -I ramble on–Nice video–keep em coming.

  • Dark Side Of The Menu 1 week ago

    New subscriber and I love your videos. Subscribed based on seeing you in The Endless Adventure videos. Love your thoughtful explanations of your experiences. You mentioned that life seems to be frozen in time. It is to a certain point. Life of old Cuba you saw in the movies ended abruptly in 1959 when the Communist Party took over. An embargo was imposed by the US Government so that is why all the US cars are so old. No new US manufactured cars could come into the country after 1959-1960. Can't wait to see more from you. Safe Travels.

  • Edenmoon 1 week ago

    the music suck when the video started lol it was weird

  • Jennie W 1 week ago

    When you aren't a local, you have to bargain. If you travel, you know this! You guys are awesome! This is the least I've seen Ashley smile in any of your videos I've watched… Hmmm

  • Ana Salazar 1 week ago

    I also think you are paying overpriced fees. It is also because you guys are Americans. It's easier when you are a Spanish speaking traveler (or Mexican), but still sometimes you have to pay overpriced stuff. I totally agree that it is a way for them to get extra money every time you have to pay a lot of attention when you negotiate any service.

  • dio gutz 1 week ago

    Hola amigos!. Dam Cuba is expensive. 2 bucks for a cheap 12 oz beer. If I want Cubans mis hermanos latinos to take advantage of me I will just go to Miami

  • CALife 1 week ago

    Seems like a boring place to visit.

  • Hami Özdemir 1 week ago

    I admirer to your joy we need it now

  • Cindy Duran 1 week ago

    yes Cuba does look like a place stuck in time although it's still very beautiful not trying to get political but communism and socialism do not work… this vlog is very interesting to watch being that we don't how much of Cuba only what we see on the news..can't with till the next episode;)

  • Chasing a Plate - Food and Travel Channel 1 week ago

    Really understand what you mean about trying to find the heart of the city. It's funny how it can be so hard in some places. Really enjoyed how open and honest this video was. Also when you told us about the spaghetti last night you were really telling the truth!! Thomas 🤢

  • Melissa Adami 1 week ago

    I visited Cuba about 22 years ago, and it was a breathtaking experience, I love the Cuban people and is a unique country but after 5 days that was enough for me, the place is way too run down and poor and my heart aches for the Cuban people, paradoxically those are the same things that make it unique and interesting.

  • Volkan Acar 1 week ago

    Aaaaaaaaa kikikikikiiki aaaaaaaaa kikikikikki freeeedddooooommmm freedoooooomm

  • Joan Lynch 1 week ago

    I can't remember what it's called, but they should have a popular rice dish called dirty laundry in English. it is similar to fried rice. I think would want to see Hemingway's house if I were ever in Cuba. Also Cuban sandwiches are lovely!

  • PauPow 1 week ago

    Cuba is not a place ill be happy to go 😅

  • Vicki Fischer 1 week ago

    I am interested in visiting Cuba so thanks for posting this. I am pretty sure I saw you walking past some vibrant STREET ART – LOVE STREET ART and I search for it everywhere! And I LOVE the colorful cars.. nostalgic and vintage to me as I REMEMBER seeing and driving cars like these here in the USA. I really hope tourism is good for all the people (both tourists and Cuban's ) and helps the Cuban economy and the Cuban people. Looking forward to more from you two!!!

  • HUGO & NOEMIE - WE WANDER ASIA 1 week ago

    It might look old fashioned but these cars in Cuba are just so damn beautiful guys!