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So my wonderfully amazing wife took me to Cuba for my 28th birthday! Here is how we spent day one after aimlessly finding our way from the airport to our AIRBNB spot.


Need to know from day one.
AirBNB Host : Yeni & Roly
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  • King Locz 1 month ago

    Dope shit fam luv what yall got going stay blessed keep having fun

  • Cristina Carless 1 month ago

    Flush, Flush, Flush! I'm so with you there 😂😂😂

  • Lush Me Nails 1 month ago

    Hey there! Out of the 12 travel regulations which one did you guys use? I’m going next week; my husband and I was going to use “people 2 people” but I’m hearing mix info. I’m hearing that we can no longer use that reason unless we’re traveling in groups and with a tour guide.

  • Princess Mc 1 month ago

    Loooool the sprite!!!! 😂😂 I'm slightly concerned about the toilet paper issue though I'm going Cuba in April 🙃! Anyway loved your video ! X

  • EshaBee 1 month ago

    That mojita looked banging!! The whole toilet paper thing is a MESS…

  • Danielle Cesar 1 month ago

    I was killing the mojitos but the trick was to ask for extra sweetener!! Lol

  • Growing Up With Petercynn 1 month ago

    Well edited! 👌🏾 That toilet paper would have stayed annnnd that sprite looked like water. Lol.