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This is day three of our trip to Cuba. In this vlog we are in Trinidad, Cuba and we go horseback riding to a waterfall and then harold does boxing on the rooftop in cuba with the locals! Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you’re excited to see the last travel vlog from our Cuba tripl!!! Thank you for the constant love and support!

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  • Queenie Waqasavou 1 year ago

    You should come to the Fiji Islands……it's paradise here on earth and we have the most friendliest people on the planet……Once you step off the plane….You will feel at home……

  • D MRR 1 year ago

    How long and how much money did the horse ride take guys ?

  • Girl 17 1 year ago

    Hey, so you spent one day visiting Trinidad/spent the night in a casa and then went horseback riding on a second day? 🙂
    And what was the cost of the trip to the waterfall? And did you book in on the place or how? 🙂 thx (and sorry for my English)

  • gionathan vazquez rosario 1 year ago

    I'm traveling to Havana, Cuba this May, for 9 days. Do you know of any taxi driver that can move me from place to place? Mind to share their contact info? I would appreciate it so much.

  • Jasmine H 1 year ago

    Had to subscribe you guys are awesome! I actually will be traveling to Cuba in May. I would love to pick your brain?

  • Miss Rosie Rose 1 year ago

    Hello, what tour guide did you book with because I've googled one and he wants me and friends to make a bank deposit which I'm a bit hesitant to do…

  • Lynze Mendelson 1 year ago

    I take horseback riding lessons and I use to ride a retired barrel racing horse named Addy I call her Ms. addytude , because she has a bad additude.

  • Gone Adventuring With Victor 1 year ago

    Awesome horseback riding!

  • Jan Vrtdz 1 year ago

    Came across you're channel while planning our trip to Cuba. I really enjoyed watching your video. Which part Havana did you guys stay?

  • Shelia Carr 1 year ago

    I am a new subscriber 😊 you guys are adorable, you Mrs.Earls Seem to have a perfect gentleman for a husband & you are simply beautiful…this was the first video I watched & now I watch & love them all…💕

  • Lilly Carrazana 1 year ago

    Wow guys, I'm originally from Cuba but by the grace of God, was able to come to the U.S at the age of five. I've never gotten the chance to go back so my parents and I have been watching your videos and sharing stories about the old days. My Cuba is truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth and these videos prove just that!

  • Simple life! 1 year ago

    Love your video!! Looks like you both an amazing time.. you mentioned you put iodine in your water. Where do you buy it and how much do you put in your water? Do you use cuba's water to put iodine in? We are planning a trip to Cuba so I want to know what to take with me. Thanks for sharing!! God Bless you both!! You both are so cute together!!

  • ocdoves 1 year ago

    Wow! cool video I'm going to Cuba soon this year!