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Check out our video with our top 10 tips when traveling to Cuba (or international resorts)! Don’t forget to add your tips below! xo
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Music by Dan-O songs, thanks! (

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  • jayson biggs 1 week ago

    The water. Truer words have never been spoken. I got very sick with an upset stomach after drinking it.

  • Matt N 1 week ago

    Do you know if Americans can go to Cuba?

  • I didn't know 1 week ago

    You have a pretty voice so much:D

  • azariah15 1 week ago

    I was in Varadero in 2016, traveling solo – Iberostar Laguna Azul. I would leave 1-2 CUC per day and other items such as toothpaste and hats.

  • 1 week ago

    Great Video

  • Barry Bull 1 week ago

    You no longer need the 25 CUC to leave

  • Jessica Reidpath 1 week ago

    im so lost as to which is the best resort to stay at!! where do you recommend?

  • Merna Gill 1 week ago

    Really Good tips. Add mosquito repellent to the list.US citizens info would be a little different.We love Cuba too!! The people are wonderful, kind warm and not just because we tip them well 🙂 USB drives are like gold and your bartender and waiter will remember your favorite drink!Sorry Canadians….the new American invasion has begun.

  • Brian Yeomans 1 week ago

    As of may 1st of 2015 you don't need 25 cuc pecso to leave cuba, its in the price of your tour package.

  • his f1shness 1 week ago

    This sounds like you never left the resort 🙁

  • Magnifier 2020 1 week ago

    Tip #1: Learn to dance the salsa, cha cha, bolero and merengue for the ultimate fun with fantastic music.

  • Diana Keating 1 week ago

    25 "Pesos" or CUC, to leave the country…? Apparently there's a difference

  • While I'm Young blog 1 week ago

    Great video! Cuba is one of the best places I've visited so far.

  • Jean-François Joubert 1 week ago

    Tip 11… leave the touristy resort 😉
    BTW the water is great!

  • Carlos Monterroso 1 week ago

    I understand that the 25 pesos tax, doesn't exist anymore

  • Sam Lyons 1 week ago offers enough free lessons to grab survival spanish, FAST

  • Joyous Johnson 1 week ago

    Great Job! Love your vid. Cheers!!!

  • Jay Bee 1 week ago

    Enjoyed your tips.  This will me our first trip to Cuba and we're staying in Varadero. We plan to go to Havana for a day…any tips on the best way to do this (tour bus vs private taxi and guide) and what would you suggest we see.  Thanks.