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Video and Editing by:
Nelson and Marlie Rodriguez
Illuminance Media Photography
cell:321.848.2223 and/or 321.474.9067

Cuban Travel Agent Jackson Reyes:
He has the hookup for Taxi Collectivo

Senor Dago (Taxi Collectivo for travel between Havana and Trinidad): cell 53280806
He has the hookup for AirBnB in optimal locations

Las Terrazas Hostal:,
cell: (+53) 41 992008
AWESOME family we stayed with in Trinidad, highly recommend staying here if you go to Trinidad.

Senora Elsa:
AirBnb in Havana Central


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  • Damaris Hernandez 9 months ago

    Lets see when I go to Cuba aha! Nice video!

  • MK Purrrfect 9 months ago


  • odeysis chavez 9 months ago

    Where's the new video tho?

  • Greta Matses 9 months ago

    Informative. Cannot wait for the next taping. Still not sure I want to go there ( Cuba).

  • Jonathan and Antoinette Smith 9 months ago

    also. how many days should we plan for Trinidad and what's the best day to go during the week? what about beaches?

  • Jonathan and Antoinette Smith 9 months ago

    thank you. do you have name of Cuban cigar place, restaurants in Trinidad and Havana? Any great seafood recommendations?