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We are going to explore the natural beauty of Cuba in this video by visiting its countryside in Soroa, Viñales, Las Terrazas, and more!
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Las Terazas
El Cocinero restaurant

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  • Capitan Cuba 3 weeks ago

    Bonito video.

  • Mauricio Rivadeneira 3 weeks ago

    Your videos are amazing, I really love them. Thank you

  • Carolina Arenas 3 weeks ago

    Hello! I will be traveling to Cuba soon. I know this is a long shot, but is there any way I could email you to ask you about your trip? I will be traveling solo and am a little nervous!

  • Berliner Stadtschloss 3 weeks ago

    This woman is clad like a child on a playground .

  • The Offgrid Travelers 3 weeks ago

    Great video's of Cuba. We lived in South Florida for 25 years felt so close to the Cuban people always wanted to go there to visit. Looks like a paradise to me, I hope we get to go there someday. I'd imagine you had to fly in from the Bahama's somewhere? Thanks

  • Luis Espineira 3 weeks ago

    One of my favorite videos of your trip to Cuba. The best was the forest and waterfalls where everyone swim. The food and drinks looks amazing too. My parents had past away, but still looking forward to visit sometime in near future. 🇨🇺❤️

  • Carreiro Team 3 weeks ago

    I'm SOLD because of your videos I'm booking my trip Thank You!!

  • ダイアナソロア 3 weeks ago

    I hope that some day in my lifetime, I will visit Soroa. It seems like a beautiful place and I am very proud to have Soroa as my last name.

  • Tariq Al-Balushi 3 weeks ago

    I'm using your videos in planning my trip to Cuba😃

  • Laurent Gutierrez 3 weeks ago

    I'll be going this January to Cuba and I'm not sure on how to make my itinerary. Was this all in one day?

  • ironman8o 3 weeks ago

    lol yes in your vid you said you will give out personal letters lol thank-you for the bnb info

  • ironman8o 3 weeks ago

    I haven't received my letter can you send another one please lol

  • Thomas Roque 2 weeks ago

    Romina, taking in a baseball game…If you enjoy baseball ,you'll love attending a game there. Great players and so much fun. I would say it's a must on one's itenary when visiting Cuba. Thanks again for you informative videos.

  • Thomas Roque 2 weeks ago

    I've been to Cuba numerous times, and I must tell you these videos by "Romina" are the best source of seeing Cuba and a great guide for your trip here. Te only thing omitted, was the " BASEBALL"…which is a must see on your trip.