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Travel video about destination Czech Republic.
Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital, ‘Golden City’, is full of history. The entrance to the historic centre of Stare Mesto is formed by the Late Gothic, Powder Tower. The Altstädter Ring is known as the heart of the city and the large Old Town Square is framed by magnificent, elegant town houses and churches. The most famous of all the bridges across the Vltava is the Charles Bridge from where the Coronation route led from Vyšehrad to Prague Castle on the Hradschin. Kutna Hora is situated close to Prague and historically is one of the country’s most important cities and rightly referred to as a treasure chest. Due to valuable deposits of silver, apart from Prague, it was the most important city in the Kingdom of Bohemia from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. In the peaceful hills of Bohemia’s Moravian Highlands, is Litomyšl and its splendid mediaeval marketplace. It was once located on an important trading route, a fact that enabled its inhabitants to enjoy much prosperity. The tranquil town of Kromĕříž in the southeast of todays’ Czech Republic is a milestone of nineteenth century Habsburgian history. Following the devastation of the Thirty Years’ War, Bishop Charles Liechtenstein had the castle rebuilt. Kromĕříž Castle was the traditional summer residence of the bishops of Olomouc and became a key influence in the town’s cultural life. In the west is Telč, once an important trading post between Prague and Vienna. In the thirteenth century the small settlement was protected by a castle and in the fourteenth century was granted the status of a city. Today it is considered to be the most beautiful mediaeval town in the Czech Republic. Picturesque villages, impressive castles and mediaeval towns have made this country into a priceless gem. Here fairy tales and legends still blossom and today the Czech Republic is most certainly a cultural land set within the very heart of Europe.

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  • Leviwosc 10 months ago

    My boyfriend and I love the Czech Republic. We have visited many of the towns and sites mentioned in this video. But we got really irritated by the music selection in this video. The music changed every freaking minute, it's like some highlights from a 3-hour documentary were cut and pasted together, it was distracting and really annoying. We also like to add that the pronunciation of the town's names and the several castles was in most cases just plain wrong and also very inconsistent; the narrator just tried to get close. I think if you produce such a video that it shouldn't be too much an effort to find someone who can tell you how to pronounce the Czech names properly. I love the Czech Republic but I was really happy when this video had ended.

  • LYRICA LINZ 10 months ago

    I really enjoyed this video as its where my heritage lies, but why was I subjected to all that jewish guilt propaganda ?????

  • Pavel Malý 10 months ago

    For once somebody said the location right. No Easter Europe 😊

  • Mirinovic 10 months ago

    Powder gate!

  • Baz theblue 10 months ago

    the Czech were commies once.

  • Nameless 10 months ago

    been to there last month ,really a fantastic place which attract me so much.

  • Alexandre Martinez 10 months ago

    The Czech Republic itself is a Crown Jewel of Europe. What a wonderful place! Greetings from Brazil! 🙂

  • The Verbally Abusive Clown 10 months ago

    Beautiful country! 🇨🇿