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Skip to just the dance finale at 5:00 or watch the whole vlog from the start

I spent two weeks in Uganda for a marketing campain for the volunteer organisation, Project Ten. Here are some of my personal experiences on the side. The people are beyond friendly in Uganda, I had so many volunteer tour guides. The children are some of the happiest I have ever seen, always laughing and dancing.

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Camera Gear: Nikon D5200
Sony A5000:
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere-
Speakers: UE Boom-

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  • Jama Olewo 1 year ago

    I really want to know why westerners AVOID taking out their cameras in African cities and deliberately go out of their way to search for some hard to reach poor remote village to film in instead, not even 1% of westerners who make youtube videos about places in Africa show the cities that their plane arrives in, they stifle their videography until they reach some remote backwards poor region in which they indulge in making Africa represented as tribes, slums and mudhuts, not advanced civilized societies which are littered throughout the continent both modern and ancient, white westerners are OBSESSED with making Africa look primitive and backwards, that is the unavoidable truth, and this increases the psychological illness of racial inferiority or superiority in humanity which I suspect is the purpose of this deliberate behaviour of attacking
    Africa's self esteem with blatant propaganda, but whenever westerners go to somewhere like China they do the exact opposite, where they avoid all the poor unstable areas, and try to make the rich cities represent the entire country, this biased, inconsistent dynamic is truly disturbing, who can blame me for realizing it is intentional? I've experimented with this literally hundreds of times and the results have been extremely consistent, which means this is a fact.