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Darwin Vacation Travel Guide
Welcome to Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Also known as “The Top End,” Darwin perches on the Timor Sea, giving it striking views of the ocean. Due to its distance from other Australian cities, it is somewhat isolated, leading to a real sense of small-town community despite its status as a large city. Get a taste of this community during your Darwin tour by stopping at the Mindil Beach Markets; on Thursdays and Sundays, you can run into almost half the city as residents turn out to shop at the various vendors and devour local multicultural cuisine.

Your Darwin sightseeing will likely take you to the Darwin Museum and Art Gallery, which is full of Australian culture and artwork. After that, get outdoors at Crocadylys Park, which is filled with Darwin’s legendary salt and freshwater crocodiles. The Darwin region is home to over 20 national parks, so you can get a taste of the Australian outback without venturing too far from civilization. Locals will also suggest you stop by Litchfield National Park—with its swimming holes and magnificent forested gorges, this area a favorite destination for many Darwinians. If you’re visiting during the hot season, join the party at Buley Rockholes, several pools of water surrounding the beautiful Florence Falls.

All this exploration is bound to make you hungry, so head back to Darwin for dinner and a comfortable place to sleep. Grab a drink at a pub, swap stories with fellow travelers, and head home for a good night’s sleep before your next day of adventure.

What was your favorite part of Darwin?

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Darwin Vacation Travel Guide

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