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Dehi in India is famous for a few things and we experienced them all with Delhi Belly and the beautiful India Gate and the Red Fort.

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  • Tarun varma 9 months ago

    which camara do you use bro ??? is it canon g7x ?

  • steve Perry 9 months ago

    bet he was arse was on fire and shitting like mad after eating that samosa

  • David Pierson 9 months ago

    4:06 – Okay.

  • Karan Malhotra 9 months ago

    Ranting won't help you to get best of places. Spending some money definitely would !

  • rahul jaykar 9 months ago

    These 2 r so idiots, if u expect a better room them go at least 3 star hotel, if u expect better services then u have to pay more it's a simple common sense, actually prblm s before going to India they haven't research often…

  • Ankush Koul 9 months ago

    being an Indian even I won't prefer eating at the road side… lol

  • Fernweh 9 months ago

    Hey amazing Video! Do something good for yourself, you deserve it 🙂 Liked and subscribed to support you 🙂 We're also vlogging our worldtravels. On road since more then a year! It's good fun! Cheers from Ubud, Bali <3

  • Monal Patel 9 months ago

    next time try mobile apps to find better rooms like makemytrip,oyo rooms.

  • Fatima Malik 9 months ago

    india looks so ugly tbh

  • Nikhil Gupta 9 months ago

    brother it is a cheap hotel….betr stay at least in 3 star hotel if u dont wana stinky peic of cloth in the hotel room

  • Nick Mann 9 months ago

    Great video! Really nicely paced, funny–you two are charming! I'm starting to post my own India vlogs, so I'm checking out what else is out on YouTube. You just earned a subscriber!

  • Francisco Neto 9 months ago

    Nice 👍🏽

  • Dimpy Gulati 8 months ago

    Pays shit. Gets shit. Then complains.

  • omnipotent 961 8 months ago

    in India you have different choices. it's up to you what facility you need like hotels, transportation,food, etc. On environment, he/she can get ill in his or her own country while traveling with in. That is just because of change of climate. An Asian person can also get illness in Europe or America due to change of climate. So it is not specific to Asia or in this case India. You just need to know how to spend and where to spend. Budget is one major aspect. Now these people are staying in somewhere in old Delhi. India has zero star or seven star hotels too.

  • Somdev Devvarman 8 months ago

    I know people like things dirt-cheap, but atleast spend something on your accomodation. You will get far far better rooms for just about $20. Even $10 ones will be a lot better.

  • Yeshwanth Kumar 8 months ago

    that's how cheap rooms look like mate, if you want better accommodation you need to pay up.

  • Sara Akhtar 8 months ago

    Hey awesome vlog

  • Informative Viral 8 months ago

    in India you people are treated as hollywood stars, Respected people. They will not claim you as wife or husband just friends, photo with a celebrity.

  • Bikas Kumar Katwal 8 months ago

    Like for honest India experience and talk on India. People on internet talk lot of unnecessary good things just to make their page famous.

  • Dhruv Verma 8 months ago

    absolutely right about the clicking

  • Meh MEH 8 months ago

    You might wanna visit Bodh Gaya if you want to see more poor people and also the birthplace of buddhism… Bihar is really nice and really really poor. It will make you suffer… And on your question why people ask for pics with tourists, well, don't be offended but it's because you are white and you are not an everyday sight… Kind of like a zoo animal or a tourist spot. SORRY, no offence meant but rare sights are always intriguing to people.

  • ac chindu 8 months ago

    guys i bet you only know 30% about india.. to know entire india, you have to visit all the states, each states have its own language and culture