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One advice: never set foot in Ticino. Please watch this video until the end to be sure to understand.

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Music composed by Benjamin Cholet
Shot, directed and edited by Tolt
Big up to Guillaume Ruchon for the help on the shoot. Go check out his channel ►

This project was supported by Switzerland Tourism, Ticino Tourism & Ascona-Locarno Tourism

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  • Robin Hne 7 months ago

    La Suisse me manque 😭
    Magnifique vidéo, encore et toujours !

  • abdullah nasir 7 months ago

    Please make a video
    Don't go to Pakistan .
    Please PlEase
    I love your videos

  • Yans Steven 7 months ago

    Bagus banget..

  • EHB Films 7 months ago

    Really cool video, love the pace of the editing and good colour grade

  • Khadidja Ghozzi 7 months ago

    Super belle vidéo de Tolt comme toujours, avec ses beaux paysages ….. sa donne envie !!!!!!

  • Superbe vidéo ! Peux-tu me dire où se trouve le spot à 1:10 avec le petit double pont stp ? Merciiiii

  • celine éline 7 months ago

    Go to Tessin 👈

  • Taimoor Saeed 7 months ago

    Amazing work mate, It would be great if you do one for Pakistan.

  • Photo Quintessence 7 months ago

    Wow!! Great Video!

  • jimi lam 7 months ago

    Wow i wish u could Learn how you make that amazing montage . Its really beautiful place . Friend from algeria ♥♥♥

  • Daniel Meier 7 months ago

    Great work tolt!

    I'm from switzerland

  • vinay naturalist 7 months ago

    Wow!!!! Awesome video… Great work !!!! 😘

  • Elvis Leng 7 months ago

    love the style of your video!!

  • عهد قنديل الأول 7 months ago

    je veux une montre suisse
    pas cher

  • The Flashpackers 7 months ago

    Superbe vidéo! Le montage est vraiment bien et j'aime particuliérement les mouvements de caméra.

  • samiko 7 months ago

    Every time I have chills after watching your “DON’T GO TO…” video, well done my friends 👍🏼