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Before we headed for Myanmar,we had our doubts.The news was bombarded with the Rohingya crisis and how unappealing Myanmar was for travelers but it was a whole different scenario when we arrived there.The Burmese people are some of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever personally encountered on earth.

We started off in Yangon which is surprisingly not the capital of Myanmar.After Yangon,we headed to the historically rich city,Bagan which is a 9 hour bus ride away from Yangon.Bagan is filled with majestic Pagodas.
After Bagan,we headed to the second largest city of Myanmar which is Mandalay.In Mandalay I will strongly recommend you to visit the Mandalay Hill.The views are serene and the atmosphere is peaceful.From Mandalay we headed to Kalaw and did a 2 days 1 night trekking from Kalaw to the beautiful Inle Lake.

Myanmar definitely has to be in your bucket list due to its affordable pricing,scrumptious food and ever helpful locals.This country is still developing and its an eye opener to see how people lived 50 years ago.

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