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They don’t want you to travel alone. So what we gonna do?
Travel alone.
Finally finished making the video of my journey across 8 countries in South America.
If a guy tells you he’s going off to travel the world, not many blink an eye.
But as a woman, many people were extremely scared for me.
The beginning is what I was told before I left.
The rest is what ended up happening.
Enjoy 🙂

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Soy de Pakistan y vivo en Estados Unidos.
Encienda anotaciones para español traductor 🙂

By Shafiq Zaib

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  • Bruno Meneguetti 11 months ago

    5:25 hehehe i see what u did there

  • Alexandra Cope 11 months ago

    Te quiero hermana bella !!! Ahh. I had an apt in san Blas Cusco just before my 3rd year of med school ! Also worked in Arin and lived in calca & Pisaq ! Vamos !!!

  • Aldo Solares 11 months ago

    I really loved your video! Thank you!!!

  • Francesca Accerbi 11 months ago

    Hey Shafiq, I absolutely LOVE your video! I am a 23 years old Italian solo traveller living in Norway and planning a trip to Colombia in January 2018. I was wondering fi you could share with me how you managed to meet so many locals and do "local" things such as going to parties, driving on the back of a truck or on a motorbie and hanging around with local people. I love colombian culture and I would love to do the same. Thank you 🙂

  • Lucas Melo 11 months ago

    Great video!

  • Jan Erik Kristiansen 11 months ago

    You should maybe give the artists some credit for the music as well 🙂

  • MyLifeAsLouis 11 months ago

    It's like America, but South 😍

  • Asdrubal Vivanco 11 months ago

    Shafik Saib You have inspired to many people to travel and I would say too,people, travel near or far away! The memories and emotions will remain forever in your hearts.

  • La Quijada Boxing 11 months ago

    When a Pakistani girl has a better Spanish playlist than you and your Guatemalan ): lol

  • Rob Harper 11 months ago

    Yea ur really hot. But you look Latina so it's not really relevant that you traveled alone. You look like a local woman in the areas that you traveled to. Now take barbie doll betty from Springfield and put her in those same places and yea she'll get jacked. Quick. Which is good bc I'm personally not traveling to Latin America to see barbie doll betty, she's the one I'm trying to get away from so I can see chicks like you. Anyway, good video.

  • AliceBSoulSound 11 months ago

    Hi, i'm going to do this trip all alone in October.. i'll go to Perù, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina… can you please give some suggestions? Places to see, where to sleep etc…? 🙂 muchas gracias