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Dreamtrip to Casablanca, Morocco.

July 2015

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  • Maria Nunes 11 months ago

    I enjoyed seeing the real people going about their lives, and the music – it was a good touch!

  • Johnson Johnson 11 months ago

    How were the temps? Dry heat?

  • Alina Jenkins 11 months ago

    Amazing country, I just came back. great video

  • Jo Hernandez 11 months ago

    Do you have any idea how much those snakes and camels are abused in order for tourists to have their fun?

  • JOURDAN LONDON 11 months ago

    Lovely video (the snakes tho omg! LOL) My hubby are going to Casablanca in May; how did you guys travel from there to Marrakesh?

  • Zeeshan Ghumman Zeeshan 11 months ago

    Love Morocco form Barcelona

  • Marcus G 11 months ago

    When I arrived to Casablanca on December 29th 2016 my checked bag with all of my clothes and gift i purchase was lost. I purchased a new bag , new clothes and gifts and when I arrived January 8th the 2nd check bag was lost also. I was not given any voucher or credit to help me throughout the duration of my trip . I have to purchase a third bag and set of clothes and gifts . I am very disappointed with the customer service that I have recieved from Royal Air Maroc. My vacation has been completely ruined because of this.

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  • MAK 4891 11 months ago

    lil dusty, sure is LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Angela Kurz 11 months ago

    Love the music 🙂 good touch!

  • RafNet 11 months ago

    whats the best restaurant that has entertainment like belly dancer, singer?

  • Jason L 11 months ago

    i don't get it…i just see people walking about..

  • abdiasis mohamed 11 months ago

    im coming this december inshallah

  • This is North Africa, it's actually called Maghreb or the greater middle east. Morocco, algeria, tunisia, libya, egypt and even mauritania are Arab countries. North africa is completely different to the rest of the continent. So I don't understand why people are always "excited" saying we are in Africa. Like when you go in France or Spain you don't say "omg we are in freaking europe" I assume. But anyways I really loved your vlog, it shows Casablanca perfectly

  • Growing up Garcia 11 months ago

    Thanks for sharing we are traveling to Morocco next month 🙂

  • Youssef Tounoussi 11 months ago

    there're two parts in our video ; one in casablanca and the other in Marrakech :3

  • MERRMACK DA GREAT 11 months ago

    Been to that place

  • Lauren M. 11 months ago

    Morocco is so beautiful. I want to visit so bad one day . What's the name of the song that played throughout the video?

  • Faizi Zineb 11 months ago

    Welcome to Morocco ^^

  • Sara a 11 months ago

    merci pour le partage