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We finally tried first class AC train in India for 15 hours. We choose Duronto Express train from Mumbai to Jaipur. Jaipur is our first destination in Rajasthan. This video is full review of first class AC in India.

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First song is Hindi Elephant 1 by Niklas Ahlström
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  • Kristyna & Romain 7 months ago

    Woooow! This train ride was the best we had since we're traveling in India! 🙂 Comment down below if you already took similar train while you're in India?
    Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to see more videos from India. Currently we're in Rajasthan and we're so excited about upcoming videos and you should be too! The button is just there, little bit higher.. yep there and click. Perfect!

  • ALCOLIC . RIDERS 7 months ago

    Visit udaipur

  • Kedar Joshi 7 months ago

    When you visit udaipur, do visit Kumbhalgarh Fort

  • Digital RoyceTv 7 months ago

    You must go to Assam 😃😃
    You should go with Rajdhani exp train from New Delhi. Cherapunji meghalaya wettest place on earth. Thats gona be amazing maybe in Tawang is also please. But travel by train and when you go Tawang go by bus

  • pankaj pokhariyal 7 months ago

    You both look beautiful and lovely, enjoy your trip in india.

  • Global IT Webstore 7 months ago

    Do not stop keep walking and keep speaking, you gained a thumbs up…Total price of 1st Class is Rs.8480/- not 9000/-.

  • Jagdish Dhaygude 7 months ago

    India is such an awesome country…. enjoy your time to the fullest

  • You have a new subscriber

  • vipin avi 7 months ago

    Guest is like a god… welcome to India 💕

  • Wasim Ghori 7 months ago

    You guys still in Rajasthan then visit fathepur shekhawati and Ramgarh Shekhawati Nice place to explore historic structure just 160 KM from Jaipur last but not the least do visit Bhangarh fort which is among top 10 haunted place on earth.

  • Joyjeet Paul 7 months ago

    3:01 This is the best moment 😊

  • vaibhav singh 7 months ago

    Do visit gujrat.welcome to indian and enjoy the monsoon season

  • Neeraj Jain 7 months ago

    Maharaja experess is most expensive train of india …not duronto

  • Souvik Sarkar 7 months ago

    Don't miss Dilwara (Mt. Abu). The best example of exquisite designs (engraved on marble stone) in India.

  • Gopal Sharma 7 months ago

    Visit pushkar in rajasthan

  • debasis behera 7 months ago

    Welcome to India !! Atithi Devo Bhava 🙏🙏🙏

  • Love2 Explore 7 months ago

    Nice video ❤🙏