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We traveled to Switzerland in 2014 to visit relatives. Switzerland is a beautiful country with amazing natural beauty. While there, we visited Geneva, Nyon, Gruyeres, Chateau Chillon, Sion, La Fouly, Val Ferret, Ivoire, and many small towns and villages along the way.

This video tries to capture the spirit and beauty of our swiss travels there.


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  • Telmo Lourenço 1 year ago

    Very nice montage Phil! i love it 🙂

  • Gustautas Mačiukas 1 year ago

    Great montage, but to be completely honest with you I kind of find the random white bars annoying. Keep on my mind that's entirely my opinion and I don't even know if that was exactly the style you were going for. I still find the video great man, keep up the great work. Btw maybe you could do a short tutorial on how to make these nice little air planes leave tracks like in this video? Thanks for reading anyways.