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  • Beat_Boxer 11 months ago

    Don't let people with monkeys or doves put it on your arm or sholders! It's deceivers! First, they don't say anything about the money, but after they asking about it -_-

    Thank you for your visit! Great video!

  • Cool video. I'm planning a trip to Kiev here in a few months for a week. Would you just recommend me just having the cash on hand, prior to going?

  • Dan Plesu 11 months ago

    kiev seems a nice place to visit

  • qpae123 11 months ago

    OMG , that 500 Ukrainean paper stuff is like 15 USD or something lol. You need now to hire a bodyguard to safe carry that huge .amount of cash lmao . PS : BTW I liked this video for remembering the communist crimes and not filming some random poop or vomit .

  • Ioan Cadar 11 months ago

    i m from Roumania exactly from Cluj-Napoca i dont like what you said about Cluj-Napoca but you show us what you see. I like your travel and for future you should search on internet or ask someone „What we should see in this city?” and people maybe wont heate you.

  • ELGiusy 11 months ago

    strange, i kinda enjoy it, especially at the end, you were really funny, Audrey was too! First time i saw something natural on you guys! congrats

  • Michael Dediu 11 months ago

    Lol, Audrey looked scared, Iike you were about to pimp her on the streets of Kiev for your precious cash 🙂

    Big up to Audrey's research on the massacre of intellectuals in Ukraine. This was the usual Russian/Communist strategy. They did the same thing in Basarabia. This is why it must revert to Romania.