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If you’re going to watch them all, might as well skip the ads, the previews, and the flashbacks, right? Marvel as we learn to hold a camera without shaking it. Experience awe as the youtube free audio library sweeps over your eardrums. Feel the childlike wonder of the selective editing of Tim after three beers at Oktoberfest…

We proudly present the Director’s Cut of the European Roadtrip leg of our trip including leaving home in the United States, our first few weeks in Germany, and then the drive south through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and backup through Italy.

While not technically part of the roadtrip, this video also includes Greece (Santorini and Athens)as well as the visits to Poland and Turkey. Somewhere in there we go to Cyprus-it’s a country, ya know? Also, we’re cheating a bit here, but we threw the visit to Dubai into this episode…because why not?

Places and cities of Interest
-Donkey Riding in Santorini
-Mosques in Istanbul
-Volksfest in Nurnberg
-Oktoberfest in Munich
-Dolomites in Italy
-Castle Tour in Salzburg
-Plitvice Lakes Croatia
-Dubrovnik City Walls
-Skocjan Cave Tour in Slovenia
-Soap Museum in Bydgoszcz
-Dune Bashing in Dubai
-Istanbul in a Day

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  • Jaman Bablu 11 months ago

    Amazing video for me…
    The transfer is a service for a tourist. In order to avoid using an international or local taxi service in a foreign country, one can plan the route in advance.

  • Feel I'm in the road trip as well. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cereal God 11 months ago

    This was amazing, veery well edited! i cant wait to watch the rest of the seasons!!!! much love from Texas

  • Ali Chidester 11 months ago

    Discovered your channel from a backpack review and now I’m hooked! Going back and watching your old videos before I go on my Europe trip in a few weeks

  • Thien Do 11 months ago

    I love your videos! We started watching your videos because we were trying to plan our New Zealand trip (for two and a half months this winter) and we’ve been watching your videos ever since. You two are great together and I love what you guys are doing with the channel and the website. I also just got my Tripped compression bags in the mail so I’ll leave an amazon review soon. And I love that you guys upload the episodes as single videos and as a binge video like this one. Anyways, I’ve written a novel. I wish you guys all the best in the future and thanks for the great content!

  • Frederick Zeiger 11 months ago

    love it, so authentic!! Thank you guys.:)

  • Diana's Report 11 months ago

    Thanks for posting your trips. They were fun to watch!

  • Kashif Khan 11 months ago

    thats behind perfection , wish your travel and happiness not end in life and your both relation , love from pakistan

  • Nur Hidayah Mohamed Zakaria 11 months ago

    You guys are amazing. Had always wished I could do this but.. not yet. Anyways this is a huge inspiration to me.
    Love from Singapore

  • Rashmiranjan Tarai 11 months ago

    I was hooked up for the entire 2 odd hours… you guys give serious travel goals. All the episodes are so fabulous… just one word describes it, 'WOW'.

  • Haha, almost everyone in germany and mainland europe can speak english to some degree (alot can speak it very well) problem is they dont want to in their own country lol which is fair enough.
    Spoken to so many french peopl who speak english but they want you to try very hard in French first then they will help with the odd word lol

  • anung kachui 11 months ago

    Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes. You guys are awesome.
    I really hope this is not the end.

  • F. Gheysen 11 months ago

    Nice little video! 😉
    Since i'm from Europe, i'll watch it completely.
    Nice channel you guys have!