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In January, my boyfriend and I flew out to London to do a Topdeck Winter Expedition tour all around Europe for 5 weeks. We made some amazing friends, memories and experiences that we’ll never forget. I hope this makes up for my absence for the past few months, I’ve been working like crazy to save up for this trip but I’ve missed you guys!


Just Breathe by Esbe

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  • A salman 2 years ago

    really heart warming video ….got 1 questions can you do your own thing or you must be with group at most times…I like site seeing and photography :)….. how many people in the group thank you :)))))

  • Heaven Unearthed 2 years ago

    Looks great.

  • Chris -0 2 years ago

    don't know how skiing or whatever you did, wouldnt want to risk getting hurt and ruining the holiday

  • Loveitkersha1204 2 years ago

    Guys come to my channel and check out my Europe travel diary

  • DFNari 2 years ago

    Wow this video is amazing, you're soo good at capturing moments like these. Can I ask you what camera you use? 🙂

  • numbereightyseven 2 years ago

    Somehow you capture what I imagine it is like to be there, better than anyone else's videos.

  • Sarah Aliyyah 2 years ago

    uhh soo beautiful sadly when i visited there i wasn't record the beautiful views

  • Angela V 2 years ago

    i looved it! Any tips for camera cattying while there? I'm not sure wether I should take my camera or not since it's rather big

  • XtianMatriix 2 years ago

    Hey, awesome video! I love it (: will you watch my summer video?

  • Olivia Cowie 2 years ago

    love your video! heading over for five weeks over December/January, just wondering hold cold it was? any suggestions for packing?

  • Helen Van Rhyn 2 years ago

    wow. looks amazing! if you want to check mine out:

  • Lorna Cozens 2 years ago

    Awesome vid! We travelled Europe for 40 days, watch our video if you want 🙂

  • Noemie Beland 2 years ago

    Wondering if Europe is a good destination in Winter!!!?:)

  • Nicolce 2 years ago

    Really nice shots! What camera do you use? x

  • Danii Clarkson 2 years ago

    Just found your channel! Love your videos xx I've just started my own channel which is similar to yours! <3

  • Mika Myrie 2 years ago

    omg you were in London !!! your creation warms my heart … <3 great going girl !

  • Katie Mayhew 2 years ago

    Love this so much xoxo

  • ItsJMomo - FASHION & DIY 2 years ago

    Wow, that shot of the lights at the beginning is gorgeous! Mine never turn out like that. Stop by my channel sometime. 🙂

  • aitanasdiary 2 years ago

    I am SOOO jealous omgg