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Hey you guys, so this is my first vlog from my Europe series. In the series you follow my friends and I as we travel Europe with EF Tours. We go to London, Paris, and Italy. This vlog is our first day in London, England. I hope you guys enjoy and there are more vlogs to come:)


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  • Emily & Karl 9 months ago

    Cool vlog, we did a London one too, check it out 🙂

  • anghinetti 9 months ago

    That wasn't Big Ben but the Elizabeth Tower of the Palace of Westminster. Big Ben is the name given to the larger of the five bells within the tower; the one which chimes the hours. Being Canada is a member of the Commonwealth, it is the Canadian High Commission, not the Canadian Embassy.

  • Celly Big time 9 months ago

    I'm going England tommrow

  • 76 juno 9 months ago

    Nice video. Thank you.

  • Bumble Bee 9 months ago

    Maybe show more of the city and not just permanent closeups of yourself?

  • Jem123 9 months ago

    did your feet get tired from all the walking?

  • Maya P 9 months ago

    I'm going on an EF Tour at the beginning of May, it's similar to yours. Was it a good experience?