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so finally the vlog is up . this is just a brief video about bhutan . i will be uploading a few individual videos about the places i visited in bhutan . so stay tuned for that . i hope you like this video .

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  • Snigdha Mohapatra 7 months ago

    Where did u stay? It's so lovely

  • Travel with Aryan 7 months ago

    Beautiful video

  • Rupesh Reang 7 months ago

    We have the same type of cultural attire in northeast india although with different designs..

  • Rupesh Reang 7 months ago

    In tripura too we like spicy..and no meal without chillies

  • Ciro Fenni 7 months ago

    May I know the camera that was used for this shooting?

  • ARUN KUMAR 7 months ago

    Mam your voice is intoxicating thank you

  • Baby Sarah 7 months ago

    Glad you liked our country and the people. Hope you visit again, we bhutanese welcome everyone with all our hearts. we are always happy to see more people coming in and exploring our country. Thank you for making such a beautiful video of our nation. The next time you come I would like to welcome you back with more memories and exploration.

  • kun0sal1 7 months ago

    Good video! Does the travel rule of $250 per day apply to Indian nationals as well?

  • M.Samesh balaji 7 months ago

    I understand how difficult it is compose a shot when u have the plan of uploading it in YouTube post trip. It was awesome and I am from chennai and I have a plan to visit Bhutan via road on my bike. Your inputs will be useful .thanks again.

  • Hb Ghartimagar 7 months ago

    wow! amazing voice
    love you💕

  • Himanshu Vlogs 7 months ago

    Nice vlog Erica… what if I am planning for a visit near mid Aug??? please suggest ???

  • Luis Rainho 7 months ago

    I was there 8 years ago. 10-10-10 … a date i'll always remember with a warm smile.

  • ONE TRAVELER MAN OF INDIA 7 months ago


  • shaikajaz ali 7 months ago

    nice video… thanks for sharing.

  • Amjad abed 7 months ago

    Fuck your English

  • Bustam Bustam 7 months ago

    Exsplor bhutan nice…

  • Ndeso 7 months ago

    subcribe me

  • Rahul Singhaniya 7 months ago

    Beautiful you n your vedio

  • DIG ROOPA FANS CLUB 7 months ago

    Ww its amazing 😃😃😃

  • vidhi bubna 7 months ago
    This video I have made is about how travel can promote peace. Do check it out. It is specifically related to Bhutan. I really want some feedback

  • Sandadi Suresh reddy 7 months ago

    Erica man can u make a video of how u pack for ur trips and the essentials

  • Longcha Naga 7 months ago

    Coolest place. Love to visit again

  • Bindas Budiya 7 months ago

    You look so beautiful and so do your video..will visit..have visited other parts of Bhutan. Not paro and capital

  • Saurabh Gupta 7 months ago

    i found it boring; Include ur presence in vlog it would help otherwise u r going to make a documentary again. Sorry:)