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Walking down a busy shopping street (Al Hashemi) in Amman, Jordan near the Roman amphitheater.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed with a GoPro HERO6 Black:

Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel”, “Following My Thumb” and several other books available on and elsewhere.

Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

Exploring the Vibrant Streets of Amman, Jordan

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  • Kuntal Sarma 1 year ago

    Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. Hit like if u agree.

  • Nation's Man 1 year ago

    Gabriel traveler am gonna move to amman please I was ask about hotels prices , so how much there on average ?

  • Brooke B 1 year ago

    I had to make a complaint against the bedwoin men in petra. They are disgusting to women especially foreign women and steal and cheat tourist. There are extremist there too of religion so i highly advise never to visit Jordan now. There is a caution of travel against going to Jordan .

  • Brooke B 1 year ago

    Jordan is a dangerous place for western people especially women. I highly advise to not go to Jordan especially as a Western women as they protested the sentencing of the jordanian solider who killed three americans. Jordanian hate americans and westerners. I lived there and I know. Petra is more dangerous. Petra is full of scams , danger and bedwoin men who rape and cheat women. Stay away. Isis and terrorist are known to come from Ma-an, which is 20 minutes from Petra.

  • Lisa Moses 1 year ago

    I would love to go to the store with the dental floss. Might not like the prices though.

  • Kids Best Fun Channel 1 year ago

    Have you ever visited Pakistan? But as my suggestion to you please dont visit over there if you love urself coz Terrorist every time will be waiting for an American

  • Diana-Alexandra I. 1 year ago

    A lot of small businesses i think it's very hard to live in cities like this. Hmm similar life like some cities in my country!

  • kathmandoo 1 year ago

    What ! you didn't have enough money Dental Floss??? You must budget SO tightly. Well done.
    Have you ever been in a situation when you are totally out of cash and hungry?
    Love your stuff.

  • leedia a`mira 1 year ago

    Hi Gabriel, i've noticed that in all your amman videos you walk in the same area (old down town) which is a tiny part of amman, you need to get a taxi and see other parts of amman (which are newer) and the new down town(if you want to). you would find a dental floss in a big farmacy, which is definitely not in the old down town, most people who live in this area are very poor and cannot afford the "luxory" to floss, hence they don't sell it there. Also, i think that you would like Ajloun, there is a big castle from the time of the cruissades(hopfully the spelling is right)sitting on the top of a big hill where you can see the surrounding forest and the whole of Ajloun. And there are many adventurous hiking tours (you can get lost if went alone) in various canyons in jordan, especially in the area near the dead sea . I've never seen any travel youtuber vlogging these two (among other sites and activities) so you would be the first 🙂

  • wownouser 1 year ago

    Jerusalem IS the capital of I S R A E L. There are too many trolls here who seem to be clueless about the simple fact.

  • Gato 1 year ago

    Right you always want to be well-flossed before heading to the world heritage sites at petra 😏

  • Dieter Fischer 1 year ago

    Just been to Israel in december. Prices are soo crazy. It's extremely expensive. Shawarma costs at least 8, 9 Euro (always around 40 Shekels). Use Airbnb if you want to get okay priced accomodation.

  • Jerusalem is not in Israel.

  • junglie 1 year ago

    wow who's that freaky figure on the left at 8.20min?

  • Akshay Singh 1 year ago

    I got the Indian vibe from Amman. Quite similar to India.