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A fake video of US President Donald Trump “expressing awe and wonder over a massive crowd gathered around the Kaaba in Makkah” has gone viral on social media.

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  • Vanaja Kulal 9 months ago

    ವನಜ ಕುಲಾಲ

  • poekie b 9 months ago

    Left is real, you ear fake nieuws arab news🖕

  • Raja Mobeen 9 months ago

    Dear Donald Trump
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have 5 fingers
    And the middle ones for you

  • Raja Mobeen 9 months ago

    I am Muslim and absolutely hate you

  • mm3lm 112 9 months ago

    we the arabs know this fake 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ganesh SSL 9 months ago

    Muzzies can do anything for their blind beliefs, BTW all religions are deceptively false

  • Nazir Fazel 9 months ago

    Thank you President Trum, If truth says for the first time in his life then it is fake???

    They are all brothers and sisters.

    -all first love for Allah
    Love since we were born to last breath of parents We are together full love between parents brother and sisters.

    When we are born as a child, ages and nights our parents wake up.
    But it will be time for us to stand day and night for our elders.

    This is Islamic love

    ISS and Taliban who are his group who give our beautiful faith bad name.

    And humiliated all Muslims, under Beautiful Name.

    Now the worst is that they attacked in Mosque in Mecca. What proof do you need?

    Trump paid in one side to ISS and other side that does if or is against.

    These are children of the 90s and 2000 who were abducted. Still abducted. For the last, 4000 children abducted 4-15 years.

    They are going to brainwash their machine. For next iss or other name.

    Children do not know anything about faith, they learn how to kill humanity hating their own parents. Make great enemy of Islam.

    They get from America, Israil, … if they have a lot of power then they fall into Russia and Iran. What America is dreaming of

  • Ahmed Sos 9 months ago

    "Islam" means the submission or surrender of one's will to the only true God worthy of worship and anyone who does so is termed a "Muslim". The word also implies "peace" which is the natural consequence of total submission to the will of Almighty God. Hence, it was not a new religion brought by Prophet Muhammad r in Arabia in the Seventh Century, but only the true religion of God re-expressed in its final form.

  • Keep Smiling 9 months ago

    Why the fuck would someone edit it, and made a fake video? just to make us think that he likes muslims? isn't it enough proof that he is making no entry law for muslims in murica, so they wouldn't die in WW3?

  • Mirza Muhammad Ashraf 9 months ago

    I knew it I knew it

  • Nayef Al 9 months ago

    It was obvious from the beginning
    that he was talking about a place in the USA
    for he said maybe all these people came from all over the country🏁 🖐🏽😎
    Maybe from all over the world🏁

    Definitely, it wasn't Makkah he was talking about! Because people in Makkah are always from all over the world 🖐🏽😎

  • Maurice Li 9 months ago

    allahu akbar!!!

  • Respawn AND Shoot 9 months ago


  • Prince Kyo 9 months ago

    u can see the shadow of trump hand on the picture and its mean the left one is real

  • Ho Lee Fuk 9 months ago

    typical America media

  • Yusoff Man 9 months ago

    Mr.murali, if one muslim do the wrong that not make all muslim wrong, same as if one hindu or one christian do the wrong, that not make all hindu or christian wrong. Its individual.

  • Murali Krishna 9 months ago

    That is what Mr.Trump banned some muslim countries entering into US. Trump is right

  • JustAKHype 9 months ago

    Ironic how everyone believed the hoax….
    Why would the bloke kick all muslims out of his country, then make a video about their faith site?


    we have some fools who only work against the truth.. I don't know why some people make fake news.. damn!!

  • ROD BOY 9 months ago

    Boycott fake new media