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My thirteen first impressions of the USA. 13 opinions, impressions and observations on America from my travels. First impressions from a half french kiwi who had little travel experience (other than France) before setting foot in the US.

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As mentioned in the video, these are just my own thoughts and opinions based on my travel experiences. Let me know what left an impression during your travels to America or your impressions on a foreign country you have visited.

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  • Nadiza Perisa 1 year ago

    Posted by: zuricha

  • ICGvids 1 year ago

    I see a lot of New Zealanders fascinated with our super markets, I went to New Zealand years ago and I remember trying to find a super market to buy some food for dinner and they just didn't have them I finally found something kinda similar in Auckland but they called it something else and it wasent anything like what we have here in the US. It was the only one I saw of its kind in the whole country so I can imagine stepping into a Walmart or Costco for the first time would be a big culture shock.

  • Jim Green 1 year ago

    Half French Kiei–that's an unusual mix. Would the other third be either Tahitian or Maori? Just curious. You don't need to worry about tipping in a dept. store. Sorry about the geographic ignorance here! It's utterly embarrassing!!!

  • blooneyful 1 year ago

    I liked going to America. People were nice and happy, also best food i have ever had, huge mountains and good looking girls, and I was also amazed at how many things of every kind you can buy….for a good price too…..Cheers from Wales.

  • Joshua Chamberlain 1 year ago

    Those sexy lips

  • William Neary 1 year ago

    About the sales tax. The reason we don't include the tax in the price posted on items has to do with how big America is. Each State and most cities have different sales taxes so it would be almost impossible to set prices across the country to include the sales tax.

  • Doom 1 year ago

    "New Zealand is a city in Australia." Fuck me, but Americans embarrass me sometimes.

  • loganinkosovo 1 year ago

    New Yorkers are Assholes. The rest of us are OK. 😀

  • TenTonNuke 1 year ago

    I was actually drinking coffee as she was talking about coffee. And it is nighttime. You don't need a reason. I'm stockpiling energy for tomorrow.

  • TREY RIVER 1 year ago

    seems that you enjoy this day glad that you did.

    an odd side note the only two countries that ever used money made exactly like and I States is a course United States and Iran who used the same indicia method and cloth cotton paper stock and the same printing machines which is why they were to produce pretty darn good copies of American money for quite some time

  • gator 13 1 year ago

    You have very pretty Eyes , and yes , You are right….. I will not travel anywhere unless I know that cheese and peanut butter will be available .

  • Angry 1 year ago

    Wow! Those eyes! Here's the thing about Iced Coffee. The colder something is, the less you can taste it. Those who have less tolerance for the bitter taste can get iced coffee and get their caffeine without the empty calories of a soft drink.

  • Remy Louviere 1 year ago

    interesting video! "THAaaaNK You"

  • George Lurye 1 year ago

    You think Americans drink lots of coffee? Have you been to Australia? lol

    Most of America is quite warm. I mean well over 30 degrees in the summer warm. Americans also don't take mid day breaks in all that heat, so staying cool is essential. That's why iced tea and iced coffee and soda are so popular. Who wants to drink a hot coffee when it's 34 degrees out, right?

    Our sales taxes are confusing to everyone. If you travel, you have no idea. As for me, I assume about a 10% tax because I know that's the top range of most. Many states don't have sales taxes on clothes. Some places like NYC have a sales tax on clothes, but only on high priced ones ($110 and over for the item). Some states tax prepared foods only and not raw foods and others tax everything. Hotel and tourism taxes are even worse.

    My wife has an anxiety disorder and I imagine hearing "no worries" on our trip to Oz constantly drove her up the wall. "Yeah, maybe not for you!" lol

  • Sheli 1 year ago

    I love your vlog:)
    Quick comment on your visit to Macy's. No tip required. US retailers often hire those who exhibit that warm, helpful and personable personality to make the customers feel cared for. It's a perk that can create loyal, repeat customers. ❤️
    I hope you'll come back to our country again soon xoxo

  • Lisa Mieth 1 year ago

    DD large iced decaf coffee, extra almond milk, my GO to summer or winter. I think we started this in the northeast and it spread

  • Simon De La Cruz 1 year ago

    Taxes: Agreed… As an American, I wish people would include taxes in their prices already…

  • ukkr 1 year ago

    Generally, those working for the airlines, and working at airports are among the rudest, and THEY are usually not THAT bad. ALSO, THEY aren't supposed to be tipped EITHER, though the skycaps(people that work at the airport that are generally in front of the airport to help you with large bags, between the car and the conveyor belts, and the "courtesy people" like pushing wheel chairs and driving the shuttles or buses between the parking lots and the airport, want to be tipped.

    Generally, in department stores, you aren't supposed to tip. Not ALL supermarkets are huge.

  • yaimavol 1 year ago

    Okay, so plenty of Americans find the concept of iced coffee weird, and we think it's gross.   No, you do not have to tip a department store clerk.   She was just being nice, and as you said, we are NICE people! 🙂   Glad you enjoyed your stay here.

  • leelee yo 1 year ago

    Woot woot! ICED COFFEE!!! Lol

  • Mackenzie 1 year ago

    As an American this was super interesting. The bit about the cheese was brilliant! I'm still laughing as I type this comment. You're so right. We put cheese on just about everything.