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Flying to Uganda for the first time for our first missions trip.
Who we are going with ►
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JOIN OUR VILLAGE! If you want to help us make a difference in these villages life, join our village ‘Ojemoru’ when you click the ‘Join a Village’ section on their website. Money is used to help empower the people with learning and help them cover the costs for them and their children to go to school.

Day one of Uganda Vlogs and today was a very long travel day. Lots of flying and changing planes but we eventually made it to Africa. Got to see the streets of Uganda at night and got to our hotel to get some needed sleep.

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  • ADEM MOHD'S 11 months ago

    Uganda seems great country? Wanna visit Uganda

  • Beats of Uganda 11 months ago

    welcome to the Pearl of Africa

  • Juliet Katakanya 11 months ago

    I miss you home, I miss so much 2017

  • Fiona Matovu 11 months ago

    I'm Uganadan

  • Bake n Away 11 months ago

    i`m from Uganda to!

  • General Zodd 11 months ago

    4.24 they leave n go Amsterdam wtf?

  • Heartz Bmx 11 months ago

    im from uganda but i live in england plz im a roadman plzz sub to my channel can i have a shout out

  • Steven Chutuk 11 months ago

    how long did you stay ?

  • It's Emmron 11 months ago

    i am from uganda but i live in uk

  • msi67rj 11 months ago

    yeah you should've gone overland… it would've been quicker….americans outside of america….bizarre ( and it's Uganda not Yougaarndar)

  • Gaming And Fun 11 months ago

    Been there done that!😊 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬

  • Jenny DA Queen 11 months ago

    well come to my country Uganda

  • Aaron Lowe 11 months ago

    I next go to Uganda in April 2018. Counting the days. Been 4 times before. Love it every time.

  • kiks lilo 11 months ago

    I have much hate for Ugandan leaders. dectators that hate development. but without them Uganda would have been a very good place for every body. all what they care about (president/ leaders) is his tribe ( all people in power educated, non educated, experienced/ non experienced One Tribe in power) , stomachs, inlaws, friends, deplorable supporters, NRM company or sorry party. countries are moving forward in technology, infrastructure etc. Uganda is moving forward with corruption!!! God please call Ugandan president to rest he is tired and now arrogant and USELESS to Uganda, he is an old predator with old brains.

  • Joshua Lwanga 11 months ago

    Hi I am from Uganda I'm going on June 19 2017

  • Nambooze Madrine 11 months ago

    Hope u enjoy guys mu mother land

  • TBProductions 11 months ago

    out of all places you chose UGANDA??!!🤔🤔

  • RIVARAPTOR 11 months ago

    Does everyone there know kung fu?

  • Jason Montgomery 11 months ago

    I'm way behind on the vlogs, but I'm looking forward to all your Uganda vlogs. Can't wait to see what God does.

  • Ayebare Alexander 11 months ago

    Welcome to my lovely homeland Uganda. 4eva u're always welcome. God bless America. I love you guys.

  • THE PRAYZ TV SHOW 11 months ago

    you should visit rwanda too.

  • Sofia M 11 months ago

    Does anyone know why Andrew didn't go?

  • arcade master jr 11 months ago

    hey guys morejstu i watched all the vids so far of the Uganda trip I could relate to that I went to Jamaica and all the house look bad some of the buildings weren't even finished and look abandoned the only thing that looked like good were the resorts there witch I was at but the people were so nice they always made our day but I just wanted to tell about some and how I can relate to ur trip well I hth I hope ur able to Wright back to me