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Amanda is on her first trip to Japan from the USA so let’s ask her about her impressions and any tips she has for first time travelers. Let’s also visit the vending machine corner!!

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  • Jim Ellison 11 months ago

    GREAT VIDEO…………..

  • Val Vino 11 months ago

    He sounded like the price is right guy in the very beginning 😄 should’ve gave her a high five for running,

  • astroboy3507 11 months ago

    Still think chinease are the loudest!!! 😬dam we never got the kareoke answer!!!! ? 😂

  • Stephanie McKinney 11 months ago

    Happy Belated birthday Amanda

  • Quintan Quigley 11 months ago

    Both here and with many other 'Japanophile' Youtube channels Hiroshima is regularly touted as one of the places to go on your trip along with Kyoto/Osaka, and nothing else.
    I mysewlf found Nagasaki to be a far fuller and far more moving an experience and city to visit.
    Spent an entire long weekend there, while on one of my tours/holidays to Japan

  • Francis Chen 11 months ago

    I went round the Yamanote line once when I miss my stop …hehehe

  • zam023 11 months ago

    Norm makes his guests run after him and now John also doing it >_< LOL

  • naynay sploogle 11 months ago

    idk who this is but i really loved her; Just as much as I love mrs french and captain voice

  • God Bless Our GREAT U.S.A. Military!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • construct2501 11 months ago

    How about money? For a week?

  • I Danko 11 months ago

    Japan isn't expensive and quite affordable. Rent is cheap compared to most cities in the USA and if your just visiting I would suggest an Airbnb for $50-$75 a night. Matsuya (see one of Johns vids) is a must and for 300-500 yen you can get a very good meal. There are plenty of other very inexpensive food choices (Yashinoya, etc) that are not only healthy but delicious.

    Subways are extremely easy to navigate with Google Maps (train schedules and prices) and very inexpensive. They have made the whole train system incredibly intuitive and easy to use to accommodate the most challenged.

    You don't need to pay a lot to visit the tourist traps. There are plenty of great things to do for free like walk the different areas (Ginza, Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Shabuya, etc) for days to weeks. There are plenty of beautiful parks, shrines to visit for free.

    Folks just have to get past the anxiety of traveling to Japan. It is extremely safe, Japanese people speak more English than you think and are very nice and helpful. Japan/Tokyo is very easy and affordable, come and see for yourself.

  • Cuban Nerd 11 months ago

    It's funny that Americans are considered loud because in the US we Cubans are considered loud. lmao

  • Patrick & Sebastian 11 months ago

    Hey John – great videos! Been in Tokyo for one week now…got another week left…and popping to Kyoto tomorrow for a night. Do you know where is good for me to buy a men’s kimono…preferably in Tokyo?

  • CrispyLife 11 months ago

    The vending machines!! We even found underwear for sale in some. Fab vlog. We loved Japan it was the first stop on our gap year and we fell deeply in love.

  • Nicole Cb 11 months ago

    Hey John, 🤗

    Do you think Amanda would be interested in giving out her contact information? For a couple years I've been interested in visiting japan to see if it would be a place that I would want to live. Particularly, I'm interested in the rural areas where there are communities that still live in a natural, traditional way, including organic farming. Since Amanda stayed on an eco-friendly farm, maybe she wouldn't mind me reaching out to her with some of my questions specific to that.

    Thanks, for making these streams. I subscribed to your station not too long ago, and I really like it. The only other cultural education about Japan that I have received is through watching NHK programming whenever I come across it. 🎒 My favorite shows are the Japanology and Japanophile series. But, your two channels broaden my understanding in a way that is as if I have actually traveled there in Japan. Also, thank you for this stream with Amanda because I'm now feeling comfortable about traveling to Japan. I don't know what specifically makes me feel this way, but I do. You two, have given me the assurance that, should I get the chance to visit, everything will be fine.🛫🛬🚞👘🌱💞

    Cheers to you both! 🍻🍶🦇

  • Theo Tang 11 months ago

    I want to visit Kojima and a real outdoors onsen!!

  • Edward Wong 11 months ago

    Hey John, How much money for a first timer should have in hand? I know about traveler check. But, what about spending money if you want something from a vending machice.

  • Sam Omar 11 months ago

    The hanging doll thingy to ward off rain.. It's called Teru teru bozu .

  • Branden Ibara 11 months ago

    I got sick from beef curry back in 2003 from a Japanese truck stop. Perhaps not the best place to eat at.

  • SQUIRREL M 11 months ago

    Are those cans on display in the vending machine open????

  • Alma Oaxaca 11 months ago

    Best kept secret is that there is a Hop on Hop Off buss in Tokyo……It is called the SKY Bus, office is at the Mitsubishi Building 1F, Marunouchi 2-5-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo . Costs about $35.00 per person. Totally worth it as Tokyo is so spread out. My hotel the Hoshinoya Tokyo new nothing about it……that hotel would make a great story for you… is so Japanese…best hotel I have ever stayed in….incredible. Loved your segment with Amanda…….good that you are open John to comments 20 years in Japan you see many things as a given. I was so surpires with the way they count over 5 with their hands…….my very limited Japanese signs are important………go to bus 7 was like what is this man saying?

  • CraftyFox hahaha 11 months ago

    amazing love japan 😀 love to go there!!!!!!

  • OverPillow 11 months ago

    That ghost is Teru Teru Bozu!

  • Filipe Santos Abreu 11 months ago

    Sad, I lost the live transmission….

  • mohd thabris 11 months ago

    Happy birthday Amanda

  • 3mapletrees 11 months ago

    Amanda is cool

  • vote4freedom 11 months ago

    Amanda seems really sweet! 🙂

  • Oscar Salazar 11 months ago

    Hey John, thanks for all the information, im really learning a lots of Japan from your videos, always watching with my wife! Take care