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Food in Uganda is a big part of their culture, and I’m so excited to introduce you to staples like matoke, posho or ugali and kikomando. I’m also going to tell you what a rolex is. Spoiler alert: it is not a fancy shop, it costs less than $1 and you can find it literally anywhere in the country.

If you’d like to learn more about Ugandan cuisine and food, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll also share some tips for being vegan or vegetarian in Uganda. Hope this inspires you to try some new recipes and maybe bring a piece of Africa to your dining table. African food is so delicious!



Hi, my name is Sabina Trojanova aka girlvsglobe – a UK-based travel vlogger and blogger. I’m all about responsible travel, sustainable fashion, natural beauty and vegan food. If that’s your kind of thing, subscribe for more!


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  • lucky jimmy 11 months ago

    Uganda the pearl of Africa my homeland 😘😘

  • Silverthorn Landscaping 11 months ago

    All good, apart from coca cola products , boycott coke

  • aman resom 11 months ago

    I love you my Ugandan people gretting from Eritrea

  • Noman Noor 11 months ago

    I love you honey you make chapaty for me everyday .

  • Tati Fenty 11 months ago

    My home country, I miss our food 💕💕thanks

  • Ashwin Ramdas 11 months ago

    this is a really cool video. african food is hardly explored on the interwebs, also love that you're vegan. my family of vegheads is looking for places in Africa to visit and this helps!

  • I love matoke and chapati 🤤🤤

  • fur baby 11 months ago

    The weather of kampala has never been that hot its always from 30°celcious when its too hot and 18°celcious when its low

  • bbaale ronald 11 months ago

    That’s why we call Uganda 🇺🇬 pearl of Africa

  • Christine Ayatah Babirye 11 months ago

    thax for loveing my home food i mis home aready

  • Recycler group 11 months ago

    Come India i am guide you

  • Asher Weekend 11 months ago

    Have you seen our cities ,your kind always like going to the slums like for real have you seen malls, schools and hotels….?????

  • Leona Haurah 11 months ago

    OMG! what a nice buffet to have for IDD!!!! Member happy IDD to you all!

  • Benson Manners 11 months ago

    Wow..My home country. Thanks.

  • Cameron Starchild 11 months ago

    Africa for Africans

  • Proscovia Nawanku 11 months ago

    Wow beer 🍺

  • Proscovia Nawanku 11 months ago

    I'm Ugandan and Everyone should go and eat there food Um #gototherekfc 😀

  • Sallie Andrea 11 months ago

    ooh im vegan but Kenyan. a lot of the food is just traditionally vegan and delicious af

  • lowkey. tarsha 11 months ago

    I’m Ugandan and I love 💗 all of these foods🇺🇬💗🇺🇬💗🇺🇬

  • Animeislitaf Ok 11 months ago

    i know all these things cuase im from uganda