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Hi cuties! Finally, travel vlogs from Europe!! 🙂 In the part one London vlog, we arrive in England, explore the city of London, and see some must-see sights including the iconic red phone booths, Big Ben, and King’s Cross Station.

Seriously so in love with this beautiful city! Keep an eye out for London vlog part two where we go to Buckingham Palace, ride the London Eye, and search for Tower Bridge.

Hope you guys enjoyed!!

All the love,
jess xx

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Season 2 Episode 3 – Fun Things To Do in London

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  • Jessica Neistadt 11 months ago

    Travel vlog today and tomorrow I'm finally dropping my 'How I Shoot + Edit My Instagram Photos'! 🙂 If you guys want to see that video, make sure you're subscribed and have your notifications on!!
    ps. What was your favorite moment of today's vlog?

  • The AQueen 11 months ago

    Beaver fever no Justin 😂😂wow

  • ηιgнтz cαттzYT 11 months ago

    I've always wanted. To go there

  • Jumplady 11 months ago

    She should definitely get more subscribers! 😂💕

  • Francis Neira 11 months ago

    LOL to that freestyle scene like how random is that. I wonder if ill come across that when I go 😂 really nice vlog:)

  • Xvii Alexander 11 months ago

    you bad as hell

  • Angel Estella 11 months ago

    Omg this is soooo cute! Did you visit St. George's Chapel too? Where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got married…?

  • AllAboutBants 11 months ago

    You're in LONDON?!! We should defo collab! Dm me: @allaboutbantsyt

  • Y&S FOOD! 11 months ago

    Amazing video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to detect this form of contents. We create Travel & Food videos as well, everywhere around the world, and also we are continually looking to get inspirations and so concepts. Thank You.

  • Photo Quintessence 11 months ago

    Wow!! Great Video!

  • Danna Castro 11 months ago

    So much pretty in london i want to visit hat place soon 😇💓

  • MARCIA JANZ 11 months ago

    She looks like MAJA SALVADOR.

  • Jacen Starheart 11 months ago

    Very Entertaining, Enjoyed! 👍👍💯❤

  • Gaby Nazareno 11 months ago

    I am going to London in six days so this video is soo helpful! thank you so much!! ILYSM and keep doing you

  • Tanya Howse 11 months ago

    The squirrels are used to being fed by visitors to Kensington Gardens so it probably just thought you had food haha. Also there are wild green parakeets you can feed there too

  • Yssa Nicole 11 months ago

    london is so gorg<3

  • Charlie Schön 11 months ago

    omg you're like this 👌 close. Jess in Europe
    Is Germany on your list? ♥

    my favorite part? everything about Harry Potter!!! I'm obsessed.

  • Lucia Williams 11 months ago

    That looked so fun! Also that rapper XD I would've been sooo uncomfortable!

  • Sean Salangsang 11 months ago

    miss your travel vlog so much ate!💕

  • Haley's Corner 11 months ago

    Aww those doggies! Id be in heaven 😍 and LoL I can picture drinking from that Shrek mug 😂 love you vlogs babe!

  • Mariah Veronika 11 months ago

    I was in London a few weeks ago and SO excited for Big Ben and disappointed too when we saw it under maintenance. BUT my friend made a good point "you'll always be able to go see Big Ben later, but you'll never be able to see Big Ben under construction again" . All about perspective I guess, hahaha

  • Roji Khatry 11 months ago

    Love from nepal
    County of buddha🙏
    How tall are you and whats you weight 😁..just are beautiful 😘😍

  • Ri Ranjo 11 months ago

    Omg I haven’t watched your vlog for some time now. I miss you so much 💕

  • Dave Graciadas 11 months ago

    You are watching jess and gab too ❤❤❤ labyu jess miss you

  • Sydney Anne 11 months ago

    My favorite part were all the dogs haha, they were so cute!!

  • Zero F. 11 months ago

    I love this vid #FilipinoPower

  • Tidwell 11 months ago

    Notification squad! Pin This!

  • Bangtan Cherry 11 months ago

    EHH never clicked so fast

  • Kimmy Yap 11 months ago

    Hi im also a filipina☺️