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More info about traveling the Camino de Santiago: Santiago, the final destination of an ancient pilgrimage route, has long had a powerful and mysterious draw on travelers. Strolling across its squares and under its grand churches, you can imagine a time when the city was a religious and cultural powerhouse.

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  • Francky 8 months ago

    Hi, I would like to know if we can use your video for the french tv ? can we speak by email please ?

  • Duarte Monteiro À Mi Manera 8 months ago

    Gracias por compartir, buen camino, un saludo.

  • The Travel Vlogger 8 months ago

    Good job 🙂

  • Alexander Haas 8 months ago

    I aspire to be Rick Steves. I have his face framed in my room, his face is on my bed sheets, and i masturbate to him every night.

  • daves davissen 8 months ago

    Como no amar tan linda ciudad que bendecidos los que viven en ella

  • Barbapou Pokin 8 months ago

    J'ai passé 2 mois à Saint Jacques de Compostelle et j'aime beaucoup les gens de la Galice ils sont très accueillants .

  • nelson lariccia 8 months ago


  • Anxo Bello 8 months ago

    The Galician language is not a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese. Galician is and older language than Castilian, and coexisted with Portuguese in a single language, called Galician-portuguese. It was one of the most important languages during the Middle Ages, and the two separated with the creation of the Portuguese independent counties.

  • Jc Lindt 8 months ago

    Galician is not a mix of Spanish and Portuguese, portuñol is that. Galician is actually older than Portuguese and its origin is the vulgar latin that was spoken in Galicia before Castilian became the language of the peninsula.

  • Xavier Roden 8 months ago

    I have to watch this for class and I'm in so much pain

  • Miguel Huertas Abrantes 8 months ago

    Galician is a mix of spanish and portuguese… okay… that's funny man but I don't think so

  • catholictraveller 8 months ago

    Much too short! Want more.

  • dlwatib 8 months ago

    That gigantic censer looks like the deacons are just having a bit of fun in the church, but I suspect it must have been created to mask the smell of all those sweaty pilgrims.

  • Heather Sarnocinski 8 months ago

    "Embracing him from behind"- I laughed. Quite inappropriately. 

  • YACO ETXEBERRIA 8 months ago

    que linda ciudad aqui vivo feliz  los mariscos la paella que viva GALICIA   XD

  • Su So 8 months ago

    That's not the final destination. Finisterre is 😉

  • Philip Hayes-Salazar 8 months ago

    Hello I'm a lunguist from Colombia and I can tell you that Galician is most certainly NOT a mixture of Portuguese and Castilian. Rather it is a local variant of Ibero-Romance from which Portuguese actually Originated! After independence from Spain, Portuguese evolved separately from Galician, while Galician absorbed many Castillian influences. Nonetheless it has always been and remains quite distinct from both Portuguese and Castillian and sounds more like Italian than either of the two.

  • Ribierasacra 8 months ago

    The Botafumeiro swings on every Friday for the pilgrims mass during 2014.

  • ปวรุตม์ พงศ์พฤฒานนท์ 8 months ago

    Santiago de Compostela is a wonderful city in Spain.

  • Antonio luiz Garcia sobrinho 8 months ago

    Eu conheci a cidade de SANTIAGO de  Compostela foi sempre um sonho meu adorei a igreja muito linda , e a cheio o idioma galego muito claro a pronuncia creio que para os brasileiros é mais inteligível que o o português carregado com o sotaque tipico de Portugal 

  • Antonio luiz Garcia sobrinho 8 months ago

    O Galego é unha evolución linguística de 3000 anos . E logo non sabes que presenta un vocabulário mixto de palavras latinas + palavras pré-romanicas , celtas . + o português é considerado unha evolución linguística do galego

  • Fran Camino 8 months ago

    Fantastic video of my city. Perfectly portraited and described. Thanks for sharing.

  • sonpamelinha 8 months ago

    since when is Galician a mix of Spanish and Portuguese??? Wrong, wrong, wrong…

  • Raurvoras 8 months ago

    perdoa , tu pais na tua espanha que na Galiza , pais é Galiza . Podes incluso mirar nos telediarios galegos

  • Raurvoras 8 months ago

    o Galego é unha evolución linguistica de 3000 anos . Elogo non sabes que presenta un vocabulario mixto de palabras latinas + palabras pré-romanicas , celtas . + o portugues é considerado unha evolución linguística do galego