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Travel video about destination Galicie in Spain.
Our journey through romantic northern Spain travels south through Galicia along the Atlantic coast. A Coruña is the region’s largest industrial city and shipping harbour and it thought to have been founded by the Phoenicians in 60 A.D. The Romans conquered this harbour city that has always been associated with the sea and it was from A Coruña that the invincible Spanish Armada set sail in1588 to invade England. Santiago De Compostela is the capital of Galicia and since the Middle Ages it was, apart from Jerusalem and Rome, the most important pilgrimage destination in Christendom. Half a million pilgrims came here each year from all over Europe and Spain’s most religious city continues to attract the faithful. Some centuries ago each of the large villages of the Rias Baixas prospered due to fishing, as did Pontevedra. However, all this changed when its harbour was engulfed by sand some three hundred years ago. In contrast to Spain’s many other harbour cities, the old town of Pontevedra is almost the same now as it was in bygone times with cobbled streets, intimate squares and the residential palaces of the city’s former elite. Across a huge chain bridge that spans the mouth of a deep river is Galicia`s largest city, Vigo. Its name is of Roman origin and it is believed that Vicus Spacorum was the starting-point of Caesar’s campaign against Britannia, as well as a storage area for his Empire’s oil, fish and wine. For many centuries A Guarda, ‘the Female Guard’, has watched over the river border with Portugal and in the wooded mountain city of Monte Santa Tecla the Celts established a settlement that contained more than a thousand buildings that dated back to the 6th and 3rd centuries B.C. and formed part of a prehistoric settlement. Throughout the centuries life in Galicia was not representative of that in the rest of Spain and both Romans and Moors considered it to be too remote for their interests. Maybe that’s what makes it such a special place to be!

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  • Sage Of Earth 1 year ago

    I take it this guy is not a fan of Maria Pita.

  • jesus seoane 1 year ago

    In La Coruña Drake was defeated in his counter armada effort

  • Ivan Seoane 1 year ago

    Tower of Hercules?

  • Daniel Patino Vieito 1 year ago

    absolutely inaccurate

  • John Bush 1 year ago

    you should be proud of your celtic ancestry. we ourselves.

  • 2kool4myskool 1 year ago

    Thank God Julius Cesar defeated the Celtic horde

  • Adrian 1 year ago

    I will visit where people are friendly. are the people friendly to tourists there?

  • mohamed luzio 1 year ago

    enjoyed it very much,Galicia has always been my favourite part of Spain,thanks a lot!

  • Manolo's Channel 1 year ago

    Que recuerdos el tranvía por el parrote… ahora tenemos una explanada hermosa.

  • lançal 1 year ago

    The inappropriate music is very misleading. That presumed "Flamencoid" music is not part of the Galician tradition.

  • Daniel P 1 year ago

    This area of Galicia has been in the records since the celtic times in the BC's.

  • Daniel P 1 year ago

    wrong, this Galicia city has been in the records since the celtic tribes.

  • Anxo Millara Veiga 1 year ago

    Is more very fime galician congratulations

  • Anxo Millara Veiga 1 year ago

    Is more mistic mountain

  • Anxo Millara Veiga 1 year ago

    Music no Galicia no guitar is bagpipe corret

  • pablofre 1 year ago

    Great job, thanks!