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Part 2 of 3, Stay Tuned for part 3!
Welcome to my third vlog! I am an American living in France! In this vlog, Alex and I continue our Swiss road trip to Lucerne, Switzerland for a few hours before we head to our final destination! Join us on our travels! Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE this video, and COMMENT! I have a lot of more exciting travel vlogs, and travel tips coming for you all! Thank you for traveling by!
Lucerne, Switzerland


About Me:
Bonjour my fellow travelers!
My name is Stephanie, and thank you for traveling by my channel. My main goal is to inspire people to explore and travel even when you are on a budget! I completely believe that it is totally possible for young adults and students on a limited budget to travel the world! Therefore, my channel will be a variety of lifestyle, travel and money saving tips, vlogs, and progression videos as I transition over to a more minimalist lifestyle.

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Mondays & Thursdays @ 12pm France Time

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Thank you again for traveling by…and remember: It is never too late to do what you want, after all it is YOUR life, live it the way you want. SO….Start exploring, Start LIVING!

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Happy Travels!!

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  • Shawna Goodwin 1 year ago

    Ah a swan hope your boyfriend doesn't eat swan they mate for life

  • Adventures of Style 1 year ago

    Looks so gorgeous there! Cute video! 😀

  • Helen Abelina 1 year ago

    soooooooo beautiful. i hope to visit europe someday, it is most definitely on my list!

  • Irium Kauser 1 year ago

    Yous both are so so cute and aww i loooved this place!! Looks like you both had so much fun!!!! Ah i love your channel!!!

  • Sandra Velasco 1 year ago

    I wish could go there and travel to diferent parts of the world maybe someday 📹🏯🗼🏰✈

  • Alyssa Jocelyn Vlogs 1 year ago

    Love your vid! I subscribed to your channel. Please check out my channel. Right now I am in Europe too and live in the United States!

  • Sara Sue 1 year ago

    Very beautiful place

  • Shae And Rae 1 year ago

    Thanks for taking us along with you. This is definitely on my bucket list. Would love to support each other on this youtube journey. New sub here & big thumbs up!

  • Ania Skurska 1 year ago

    amazing quality:) you ll hav so beautiful memories:) sending love back with a sub <3

  • Pooflame 1 year ago

    Love this vlog!! So much fun to watch !!! Subbed ❤️❤️

  • Caroline Mickle 1 year ago

    Congratz on 300 subs!!! You made incredible content. <3

  • Tiffany Farrow 1 year ago

    thanks for subscribing to my channel I have subscribed back to u

  • Lifewithcaro 1 year ago

    So beautiful 😍 Can't wait until I visit someday

  • _thaylovesorhaya_ _ 1 year ago

    I liked hope you can do the same in my recent vid

  • Jennifer Rojas 1 year ago

    Hey I just found ur channel! And I love it and I had to sub!! 😊 i can't wait to see you grow! Hopefully you can check out my page and sub back? 💖💖 keep it up love! ✨💕👏🏼

  • Nora Million 1 year ago

    awesome vlog doll

  • Sophia Scarlet 1 year ago

    looks beautiful! ✨