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Vlog #37. It was nice being in a place in India where you you didn’t hear car horns every 1 second but it was time to move on after 3 days in goa. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the vlog then feel free to subscribe if you aren’t already. Take care!
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  • Indigo Traveller 1 year ago

    Hi everyone, check out my new video, it is my best and proudest work to date. I spend over 60 hours editing it and 6 months filming it. It would mean a lot if you gave quick watch when you have a second free. Cheers!

  • richnow 168 1 year ago

    2:06 that's the starting point of whole area to be dirty trash soon

  • Stan Gran 1 year ago

    A TRUE FLAKE? You Forgot your Passport?

  • s Jones 1 year ago

    Those bottomless thong bikinis she may as well be naked. Keep your ass out of sight

  • Chaitanya Deepthi 1 year ago

    In india you are roaming with out knowing where to go and where to stay and you are judging my country you are going to the capitals like chennai and maharastra if you want to explore india come to other places

  • Chaitanya Deepthi 1 year ago

    In your countries people rob on the way and they kill you with guns with out reasons is it good for you … i have seen youe bangladesh tour its every where plastic all over the dhaka and you are saying that was a cool place …

  • Somebody Has a youtube account 1 year ago

    can those indians just stop taking cows with them wherever they were .!

  • turban bose 1 year ago

    if y have a gut than visit bhangarh fort (Rajasthan,India)(This is only a Place where,officially Indian government not permit any people go their after evening) @………………y can get info in wiki also @

  • Mahybomba1 Bomba 1 year ago

    İ want only to see tag mahal

  • Nick Soccer 1 year ago

    india so ridiculously disgusting. I don't know why anyone would wanna go there. do they not teach people about sanitation and basic cleaning there?

  • Dah_uja2 1 year ago


  • deep gee 1 year ago

    There are cows on beach. 🙄

  • dan scolaro 1 year ago

    The beaches are filthy. All those new hotels waste goes..? You guest it….straight into the ocean. That's not a tan…you're covered in it!

  • Inderneil Bose Roy Chowdhury 1 year ago

    I was in Goa in 1984 and 1988..It's not same Goa anymore..
    It's commercialised..

  • Soumyakanti Chakraborty 1 year ago

    If you want fast internet, buy a SIM card or move into a good hotel. If you stay at the low end places the speed will be slow.

  • taponil sarkar 1 year ago

    Come to Kolkata , West Bengal bro

  • aslesh 1 year ago

    I am from Goa .lived my whole life here ..
    To be honest with u guys.
    If u are planning to visit Goa
    Pls don't do it.
    Its total mess here . beaches are filled with trash, overcrowded.
    And there all sorts of people out there to cheat tourists..
    If ur foreign tourists coming down here then u will probably get shock of ur life.. back In the day beaches were beautiful but now it's mess.
    Those who are making videos of Goa being beautiful are tricking people by showing only good part.

  • Bhuwan Madan 1 year ago

    South Goa is the place to go, north is a shit pile

  • Christine Krebs 1 year ago

    So interesting!

  • a.a a.a 1 year ago

    Careful where you stepped, people pooped everywhere there. Lol

  • Linz Coutinho 1 year ago

    Goa is land of the Catholics. Only the non Goan indians linger near foreigners. Goa and Goan culture is getting destroyed bcoz of these people. Really bad music that's not goan music. We Goans ourselves are afraid to go on beaches bcoz so many non goans

  • Sijia Liu 1 year ago

    Good videos man! Go visit China!

  • Michael Orem 1 year ago

    What a pig stye…

  • crownethorne 1 year ago

    06:25 "Typical Indian behaviour" aka "Indian Promises" welcome to India! 😂🤣
    Regardless though it's still my favourite country to travel 😍🇮🇳👍🏼🕉🙏🏼

  • Gypsy By Nature 1 year ago

    Goa isn't goa anymore its full of Russian/Ukrainian Prostitutes and Nigerian Drug peddlers.

  • 1206 Avenger 1 year ago

    Did the coachman ask you to get off the bus? Then it must be his fault. Anyways use a googlemap, we Indians use it all the time. Wifi is not free, so I suggest you borrow up a SIM card for your Smart phone. Helpful tip from a typical Indian. LOL