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Looking for one lens that does it all? Check out this review of the Sgma 18-250 mm. A great travel lens!
Saving Savvy With Dr. Mike
Michael Kuna, MD


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  • R Whynacht 1 year ago

    This is my preferred lens for family vacations or casual days out. Perfect for not slowing vacation experience by carrying extra bags and swapping lenses. Good sharpness overall. Sure you would want smaller range zooms or primes for artistic work or low light levels but this lens does not disappoint for general use.

  • Lamaso 1 1 year ago

    Is that lens working good for Nikon D5300 ?
    Thank you

  • Eric van Eupen 1 year ago

    Hi, Dr. Mike. Have a look at Emma Gee's nice work with the similar Tamron 18-270mm:

  • elbowroomtube 1 year ago

    3.5 to 6.3??? Way too slow for me.