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Grindelwald is a tiny little alps village at the foot of the Jungfrau and Eiger mountains, you can do fun activities in Grindelwald like hiking, mountain carting, zip line or scooter bike (Trotti Bike). This is my uncut video of my trip, the finished cut can be seen on my official channel.

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  • OsmanliTorunu 1 year ago

    can i do all those activities first.flier, mountain carting , walking that bridge in first scene of video, etc. in October aswell.???????

  • OsmanliTorunu 1 year ago

    can you tell me please how is the weather in mid to end of october??? ist it still as good as in the video??????? plssss quick answerr thank you

  • UrbanBoatingLee 1 year ago

    What camera do you use? I love the image it gives!

  • frawldog 1 year ago

    Douche bag. Shitty hotel that you were excited about.

  • DerBunker95 1 year ago

    I went on those mountain karts and nearly span off the edge, you go so fast if you don't brake.

  • Stefan Johansson 1 year ago

    I want to live there!! Thanks for an awesome vid!

  • Yousef merimeche Merimeche 1 year ago

    right right right…..

  • Reza Ostadakbarnia 1 year ago

    Hey buddy, I totally loved what you'd done in this trip to Jungfrau & Grindlewald. I found it pleasant and useful. Thanks.

  • Илья Громов 1 year ago

    ты педик!!!

  • Songao sha 1 year ago

    Hahaha… Your impressions is amazing

  • Utkarsh Vikram Singh 1 year ago

    Hey Reformatt, in which month did you make this visit?