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Jungfrau region in Switzerland is perhaps the most gorgeous place in Europe. In this travel guide I take you to Grindelwald, the Jungfrau mountain, Sphinx observatory, First mountain and Interlaken. I will show you the things to do, best places to visit and where to eat in Grindelwald.

Receiving a last minute call to attend a basketball game with Tony Parker on top of the Swiss Alps must have been the most ridiculous phone call I’ve ever received! Read my full experience on my blog:

On my journey to Switzerland I was lucky enough to fly with the brand-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner loaded with the latest features in commercial aviation.

Upon arrival in Grindelwald I was blown away by the fantastic scenery and the hospitality at Hotel Hirschen. In the coming weeks you will be able to enjoy new episodes from Switzerland on my blog.

The next day took place on the First mountain which must have been the most incredible view I have ever witnessed. On the way down we took the zipline, mountain cart and scooter bike which are one of the many activities offered on the First.

After another mesmerizing day we were taking to the Jungfrau mountain to watch the basketball game with Tony Parker at freezing temperatures at 12,000 ft. Perhaps one of the most unique experiences to date.

In conclusion, I want to thank the Swiss Tourism board, Tissot & Jungfrau Railways for making this adventure possible. The full length videos of the First Mountain and the Jungfrau Basketball Game are some of the best compilations I have recorded, so make sure to subscribe.

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  • zimThuet 1 year ago

    latin: inter = between

  • ashaybhideab 1 year ago

    Which mountain is it at 3:20?

  • Et Immortalem 1 year ago

    Why does it look like its run down by fucking Asians? This is so annoying.

  • upfreaks 1 year ago

    OMG.. 10 seconds into the vid and I had to hit STOP..! His voice, his screaming and his hyper-happiness.. "ANNOYING".

  • idk idk 1 year ago

    Your have a dutch accent

  • swindle7 1 year ago

    Hey Matt what are the songs at 3:00 and 3:14? Love the vlogs. Going to Switzerland this summer.

  • chun 1 year ago

    I'm just there to ski

  • Lily Molly 1 year ago

    cool Swiss country video:)

  • Nikolaos Peterson 1 year ago

    'Hell' in German means bright or n this case light beer.

  • Farhan AL-sane 1 year ago

    Looks amazing man
    I'm planning to go there but i have one question
    Is three days enough to spend in grindelwald ??

    Thanks again for the video
    By the way I decided to go there after I saw your video 👍

  • amc3 1 year ago

    I visited Grindelwald and Interlaken some years ago, I agree, its totally beautiful. Nice video, thanks.

  • Fun Tashy 1 year ago

    Haha, you tried Rivella… Did you realise it was made of whey (roughly 35%)?

    Like your videos, I've just discovered your channel.

  • Adam McCrow 1 year ago