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Thank you so much for watching! I spent 1 week in Guangzhou helping my boyfriend Matt with a secret and exciting project. We decided to do some exploring of the city whilst out there in China. It was my first time in China and I already can’t wait to go back! Open up for details!

Some of my outfits:
Green dress top:
Dress worn for dinner in the Japanese restaurant:
Black floral off the shoulder playsuit:
Beige trench coat:
Beige top worn In tea house:
Striped blue off the shoulder top:
Black ripped skinny jeans:

Holiday Inn Guangzhou
W Hotel Guangzhou

Sorry for my poor pronunciation of places!


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  • Khedou Chunky 9 months ago

    That's zhongda market!! I've been to zhongda like 100 times already.. Crazy place with tons of fabrics..I'll be there again in 3 weeks.. So if you wanna get an idea of how huge it is.. It's kinda.. If you get into every shop for 15 minutes.. It will take you maybe 10 years to visit all.. Hahaha

  • wang Luka 9 months ago


  • ay same routine the shamian starbuck and the white goose hotel fountain and the exact same place outside the hotel to view the pearl river

  • top china travel 9 months ago

    good video,great tour

  • Daniel 9 months ago

    too basic to watch

  • YourDailyKall 9 months ago

    I love Guangzhou! I lived there for 4 months. Great video!

  • YvesSaintAngela 9 months ago

    Did you get a chance to check out xingshen road/ bar street? it's right next to W hotel and there are a lot of western restaurants and other foreigners too

  • Yongjian Wang 9 months ago

    Guangzhou sounds like "kwong joe", more or less. nice video.

  • beautiful girl

  • EvolutionismAnti-Science Lie 9 months ago

    Cantonese cuisine heavily influences Hong Kong cuisine or should I say Hong Kong cuisine is an extension of Cantonese cuisine as most Hong Kong people, including Bruce Lee, have ancestors who came from different cities in Guangdong province or Canton. Dim sum is famous with the famous dish siumai 烧卖 being plagiarized by the japanese into their shumai. Canton has been a famous port city of China since ancient times and I believe during the Eight Nation Alliance of invasion (UK, US, japan, Russia, Germany, Italy, France and Austria-Hungary) plundering and carving up China, it was the only port allowed to be opened to the west, thus all the foreign influence. Cantonese is one of the oldest dialects of Chinese.

    Japan continues to think itself to be the most "superior" nation in Asia without mentioning how it plagiarized everything they claim to be part of their "culture" and "tradition" from the ancient and modern Chinese inventions and cultures. There's no japanese bonsai (miniature pot plants) but Chinese penzai 盆栽 (Chinese invention) along with their plagiarism of Chinese pronunciation. There's no japanese ramen but Chinese lamian 拉面 (noodles were invented by the Chinese) with the japanese even plagiarizing the Chinese pronunciation. There's no japanese gyoza (dumplings) but Chinese jiaozi 饺子 (Chinese invention) where they even plagiarized the northeastern Chinese pronunciation of the word. There's no japanese shumai but Cantonese siumai 烧卖, a Cantonese dim sum dish that the japanese plagiarized from the Chinese. There's no japanese tea ceremony but Chinese tea ceremony (Chinese invention) with the japanese even plagiarizing the Chinese pronunciation of 茶道 into their chado. There's no japanese paper folding without the Chinese inventing paper and paper folding first. There's no japanese kimono without them heavily borrowing from the Chinese Han Dynasty clothing style, aka Hanfu 汉服. There's no tea, rice and soybeans for the japanese to consume as their regular staples without the Chinese first cultivating those first. There are no chopsticks for the japanese to use without the Chinese inventing the chopsticks first. There's no soy sauce for the japanese to use without the Chinese first cultivating soy and inventing soy sauce first. There's no japanese gardens and shrines without them plagiarizing the Chinese architectural styles. There's no japanese hot pot which they call shabu-shabu without the Mongolian hot pot, aka fondue chinoise (Chinese hotpot). There's no japanese calligraphy with ink and brushes without the Chinese teaching them or them plagiarizing Chinese calligraphy using ink and brushes. The japanese wouldn't know how to sit at low tables when they eat if their ancestors hadn't learned from the ancient Chinese dynasties such as the Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties. There is no green tea and ground tea which the japanese call mocha 磨茶 for them to consume to prevent cancer after the two atomic bombs without the Chinese cultivation of tea. There's no japanese tofu but Chinese doufu 豆腐 (Chinese invention) with the japanese even plagiarizing the Chinese pronunciation. There is no Kyoto to visit without the japanese envoys copying the former Chinese Tang Dynasty capital Chang'an 长安. And I can keep on going and going with everything the japanese plagiarized from the Chinese. Even their writing system of hiragana is Chinese cursive style of writing, katakana is partial Chinese and kanji is outright Chinese characters or 汉字 (hanzi).

  • 欧阳鑫 9 months ago

    Thank you to came to my growing city hope u enjoy and vist another citys . it is very cold and humind in winter